Happy Valentines Day

To be honest with you - Holidays (such as Valentines day) in my eyes are not a big deal.  Oh, I know they are important to the Mother of Five and the rest of the family - so I still try my best to make a "good showing" of the holiday for their sakes, but if the day rolled by with little or no acknowledgment, I doubt I would even notice. 
It is the small acts of kindness, love, and affection that one does for their loved ones throughout the year that (I believe) speak more of "Love" than anything you could do on a single day like "Valentines Day". 
It's all about when things get mundane, or stressful - yet you go out of your way to do something nice (a load of laundry, clean up a bathroom, stop at the grocery store when it's out of your way) or the ongoing sacrifices (like working extended shifts when you would rather not - so they do not have to spend as much time away from home working) that speak of true and unconditional love. 
I know I may have readers who disagree with me (and that's ok).  Valentines Day is nice to celebrate, but I'd rather receive small acts of kindness and love throughout the year, and forget about the one-a-year commercialized "special" day.  But that is just me.
As we approached Valentines Day this year, I was "prepared".  I had an idea on what I wanted to do, and I even did some of the preparation (shopping) ahead of time (one of our five can verify that, in case you doubt me!).  Then, life started working it's little "magic" on us (like it so often does). 
Basketball, Boy Scouts, dance class, sewing class, work schedules (both mine and my wife's) plus overtime shifts for me...  It's hard enough.  But when you add a sick child, then a second sick child into the mix - you cut back into "family survival mode" - maintaining only the necessary scheduled items.
Like I said, being the "realist" that I am - I was expecting Valentines Day (at least for me) to pass with nothing much more than a Happy Valentines Day wish, a warm embrace, and quick but meaningful kiss (which is EXACTLY what I like - A "perfect" Valentines gift in my book!) - after all, the Mother of Five works a shift today, and not only do I work my regular shift - I am working an extended overtime shift as well.  I am gone from 6am (when I leave for work) until 6:45 pm (when I return from work).
IMAG0021That was until low and behold, this morning (around 5:45am)  while  getting ready for work.  I went to the basement refrigerator to grab a soda (like I do everyday), when I noticed a little something "extra" in the fridge!
I grabbed my "Valentines day gift" (which put a big smile on my face) and headed back up to leave for work.  I then noticed a little note taped to the garage door!  The note wished me a happy Valentines Day, and told me to check both the refrigerator (which I had already done) and the freezer! 
The freezer?  What could be in there that I wanted?? 
IMAG0025I almost passed up going back down because I suspected an "ice cream treat" of some sort (which I would share with my wonderful wife later), but since it was Valentines day (and she went to the trouble to surprise me) I went down and checked.
My second surprise literally fell out of the freezer, and into my hands!
By now, I was smiling big!  This wonderful wife of mine had made my day!  So, packing up all my "stuff" for work, I headed out to my car - where (for a third time) I saw another surprise waiting for me on my dashboard!
It sure isn't grandiose or earth shattering by any stretch of the imagination - but I tell you what - It sure made my day!
Thank you Mother of Five!  You are the without a doubt the best wife I could have ever asked for!  You put smiles on my face, and for that I love you so very much!  Happy Valentines day!



  2. Now that is the most romantic gift I have heard about in a long time.
    It's the small little 'I'm thinking of you & giving a little extra effort" gifts that are the most wonderful.

  3. I love Totino's and Reeses hearts!

  4. Ahhhhh - Party Pizza! Nothing beats a party pizza . . . awesome Valentine's Day! Valentine's Days like the one your wife gave you prove that she knows you and loves you deerly :-) You are a lucky man!

  5. David,
    I think you should keep her. Now, this begs the question; should she keep you? Our freezer has several party pizzas inside - use a pizza stone . . . yummmmers!

  6. I love that. My hat off to MoF. I was not that creative.

  7. What an awesome wifey-poo!! You tell that lady I said she rocks!


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