What Being A "Typical Male" Is Like

Not that long ago, but just long enough (to be slightly embarrassing) fellow blogger (and one of a handful I have really come to know on a personal level, and consider a "friend") Dobeman from Postulates and Pasttimes celebrated the birth of their third (and, at least according to him - their last) baby.

If you followed P & P, you would know how they did not know exactly what "flavor" their baby was going to be.  In the end, they did finally come home with a daughter (their first).


I told the Mother of Five that I wanted to pick up a little somethin'-somethin' for the baby - and she liked the idea - So I kicked the idea around a couple of days, and came up with a "plan".

Shortly thereafter, (and with the help of the Mother of Five) the plan became a reality, and I had a little gift sitting in my house waiting to be sent. 

I left it on our living room buffet so I would be constantly reminded that I needed to get the gift out to the P & P family.  Being in the midst of a tumultuous period at work (one that landed me working overnights again after 10 years) - getting the gift in the mail was put on the back burner.  (Sorry Dobeman...  Priorities)

Then, another "incident". 

Best Bud Ed had a significantly traumatic event occur in their house.  I had a gift for their family as well.  In this case - I handed the job over to the Mother of Five to handle.  (I had just started overnights, and was struggling with acclimating)  Sorry Best Bud Ed...

So, by this point, I had two gifts to get out.  Mother of Five handled the "Best Bud Ed" gift, and I said I would take care of the Dobeman gift. 

Almost two weeks went by.

Today (Friday) when I went to bed - I told my self... NO MORE.  These items get mailed out TODAY.  I woke with 30 minutes left before the post office closed, and so I grabbed the box Mother of Five had for Best Bud Ed, and I grabbed the gift for Dobeman, and ran off to the post office. 

I had five minutes to spare when I arrived. 

I was in need of USPS approved packaging for my gift yet, and so I asked the USPS employee for help.  She provided me a suitable package.  But the gift did not fit properly (as is) - so a slight modification was made. 

Next, I  noticed that I left the card that went with the gift at home.  ARRRGH!!  I did not have time to return home, and I wanted the gifts sent (they have waited way too long already), so the package was sealed, addressed, and sent AS-IS.

When I got home, I proudly announced to the Mother of Five that the packages were FINALLY sent!  She asked me if I had wrapped the gift to Dobeman. 

Sounds of Crickets Chirping

"Um... Wrap"?  I asked.  "Yes.  Wrap.  As in the roll of pretty pink paper that I left sitting on the table for you next to the gift. "  she replied. 

Quickly looking over at the table, I noticed the long tube of pretty pink paper that I had not previously noticed...   Bowing my head in shame, I told her that I did not wrap the gift prior to packaging it up - and that I had left the card at home too... 

That's when it started sinking in...  When the Mother of Five asked me if I really sent the package with no note, no card, and the gift inside not even wrapped...  

I guess I had not thought about it that way...  

(Blushing) - Dobeman... When that lame little package arrives, the one contains an unwrapped gift, and no card, or note, or indication who sent it...  Um.... That would be from us...  (well, actually from ME in it's current state)... It would have been from US (the FOF family) had it been wrapped in the pretty pink paper the Mother of Five had set aside, and had the nice card I had for you with it....  Please try and picture it wrapped up all nicely in baby-girl pink paper, and with a card explaining the gift (although I think you'll "get it" when you see it)..

Rest assured, I'll get the card sent too... At some point... Hopefully before your daughter turns eighteen (rolling my eyes)...

My apologies to Dobeman, and the whole P&P family...  I am usually a little more on top of these things...    You have my word...  NEXT TIME you you have a baby - I'll be sure to wrap the gift!!

Man, I can be such a "typical male" sometimes...  Sheesh. 


  1. Sounds like you did everything right to me.

  2. It's still a lovely gesture.

  3. As I mentioned in my e-mail, No worries big Papa! (that, by the way, is my Theme song, "I love it when you call me Big Pa-Pa...so throw your hands in the air...)

    Anyway, it's the thought and frankly, with your schedule, I'm surprised you're able to see straight, much less co-organize a gift-giving to someone you've never met.
    But seriously, I'm touched beyond words and even though some days I've wanted to walk away from my blog, I'd also be walking away from some fantastic people--you and MoF being two of them.

  4. ROFL! It is the thought that counts. I would like to say that this is something myhusband would do but I have evidence that my mother has done something like this not that long ago. It takes a lot for you to admit it! and even more for your wife not to tease you (at least not too much ;) ) !

  5. He lies!

    I sent those gifts and David can't prove that I didn't.

  6. it was the thought that counts!


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