Firearms Safety Certificate - Part Deux (or part 3 of 5)

FirearmSafetyThis year (like last year) I had a child attain the ripe ol' age of 12.  Age 12 is when young'ens are able to (legally) obtain their Firearms Safety Certificate from the State of Minnesota.

Unlike last year when #2 of 5 received his Firearms Safety Certificate (link) and the instructor asked why I did not take the class with him (since I sat in the class each night), this year I took his suggestion, and got myself enrolled in class with #3 of 5!

At first, I was not sure either of us would be able to take the class.  From previous experience, I knew the class filled fast - so when the "Community Education" book came home (listing the Firearms Safety class) I set it aside to take to work with me and Fax in our enrollment. 

That was Thursday. 

I (of course) forgot to take it to work with me on Thursday, so I planned on taking  it on Friday. 


I (of course) forgot to take it to work with me on Friday, so I planned on taking  it on Saturday.


I (of course) forgot to take it to work with me on Saturday (seeing the pattern here??), so I gave up trying to take it to work with me, and decided on calling the community Ed office on Monday, and enrolling over the phone.

Monday rolled on by...

Tuesday - the Mother of Five took it upon herself to make the call to Community Ed.  Three (business days) after the book came out - and we were given the news that the class was already full.

FULL??  After three days??  What was I going to tell #3 of 5?  He would not be able to hunt this year without the certificate and Duck opener was only three weeks away... 

On the upside - we were told that they are creating a "waiting list", and #3 of 5 was only the second student on the list.  We were told to wait, and if there were any openings, they would be calling us the Friday before classes started.  Sure enough - the call came that advised us we were welcome to join the class!

The class itself was very similar to last year.  The instructors not only covered the things they HAD TO cover, but went above and beyond, and shared their wisdom, knowledge, and experience in MANY aspects of gun safety, hunting, and competitive shooting sports.

Correction... There was one thing different in the class this year.  There was a group of unruly, and disruptive students, that even got the instructors frustrated.  Not only did they make a bad name for themselves, but they also left a bad name for the Firearms Safety Class by ransacking a bathroom one evening.  It is my sincere hope that the instructors have the ability to (and will) fail these students.  They certainly demonstrated that they have NO business handling the responsibility that comes with the use and ownership of a firearm.

After two weeks of classes, a final exam (I tied for the highest score in class), and a practical exam that included a gun handling hike, and a "life fire" exam - our commitment to the program in both #3 of 5 and I receiving our Firearms Safety Certificates

Since I was born prior to 1979 - I am not "required" to have the certificate - but what better way to teach my children than to "walk the walk and talk the talk".  I urge every parent who is taking their kid to Firearms Safety Class, to sit in with your child.  I can not think of a better way to spend some quality time with your child!

Like last year's post - I would be negligent by not thanking a few people and organizations for the commitment they put into this program.  

1. The Volunteers. I do not have all their names, but there were some great volunteers that had a ton to offer the kids. John Breimhorst who is now on his 43rd year of teaching this class (and who taught many of the other instructors, and a couple of the parents who dropped their kids off)... and the Will brothers from W.W. Will and Sons Distributions and Sportsman Brand Meats... Jeff Will and Tim Will who are both extremely talented sportsman, for sharing a lot of practical wisdom and knowledge with the kids, and were very generous with the time they put into teaching the class. Truly a bunch of stand up fellas! 

2. The Fish Lake Sportsman Club - who sponsor the class, and donate some wonderful items for the kids... (Gunlocks, Books and Training materials, protective eye wear, hearing protectors, a survival rag, and a silicone impregnated gun sock).

3. The SCALE Facility - The Scott County Association for Leadership and Efficiency (A Regional Public Safety Training Facility... I.E. Police and Fire training Facility) for providing an outstanding environment (both the classroom and the shooting ranges...)

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  1. I avoid certain movies on opening weekend because of rowdy teenagers. It's so obnoxious! You would think that a Fireman's Safety Class would be a safe haven away from such disruptions, but I guess not.

    Glad you guys got your certs! Do you know if the trouble makers got theirs as well?


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