A Few of my Favorite Things #1 - A Shameless Plug

A while ago, I started a blog post titled "A Few of my Favorite Things"... No, don't try and search for it - it was never fully completed.  I get motivated, and start working on a blog post - but life happens, and the steam runs out of the locomotive, and the post goes into a folder in Windows Live Writer titled "Work in Progress". 

When I start running short on ideas, or I have not posted in a while, I dig through that folder and see if I find any fresh motivation for one of these little gems.  Today, I have found some for one of the "A Few of my Favorite Things" posts.

This post was originally started after #3 of 5 finished his "after school program".  The kids are offered a one hour once a week program run by parents...  It's just something to get the kids involved in other interests they may not normally do. 

#3 of 5 was in "Cribbage Challange" - and one evening last February - he and I cracked out a cribbage board (not just "a" cribbage board, we cracked out "THE" cribbage board - more to follow), and went on a mad streak of cribbage games.

One of "my favorite things" is the cribbage board I took out.  This cribbage board was a gift, given to me by "best bud Ed" eighteen years ago this Christmas.  I instantly fell in LOVE with this board (for it's unique design, the aesthetic beauty, and the sentimental value it has for me). 

I have yet to see ANYTHING like this cribbage board.  I love unique cribbage boards, and frequently shop around for them - but to be completely honest - I have never bought another one, because Ed truly spoiled me with the board he made for me.  Nothing I have seen since comes close.

The board is about a twelve inch ring cut from the stump of an oak tree.  The ring never split, and still has all the bark attached to the side.  Ed took a lot of time to lay out the cribbage board pattern, and to carefully hand drill the precise holes for the pegs.

I could continue to describe the cribbage board, but honestly, my words would not do it justice - so I am going with the "one picture is worth a thousand words" theory.

Enjoy several thousand words worth of photos!

unique cribbage 1 unique cribbage 2unique cribbage 3 unique cribbage 4

 unique cribbage 5



This cribbage board is among a few items that are so meaningful to me, that I can not imagine parting with them.  Ed and I have spent many winter nights, or nights up at the cabin playing cribbage - the memories of the HOURS we played cribbage - and the MASTER CRAFTMANSHIP that was put into making this cribbage board - makes it (for me) irreplaceable, and SECOND TO NONE. 




- - - - - - -

Now, the shameless plug.

Like many folks all around this country, my "best bud Ed" recently found himself out of work.  His job loss has motivated him to try making a living doing something he enjoys, and he has AMAZING skills doing. 


Well, actually more than just woodworking, some of the things he demonstrates AMAZING skills at include, but are certainly not limited to general repairs, installations, light carpentry/ remodeling, flooring, trim work / painting, and drywall repair.

But it is his mastery over wood, and wood related accessories (which are SECOND TO NONE) that I (try not to) envy.  Over the past couple of years, he has been commissioned  to build some unique custom pieces of furniture. 

I am in awe of what he has done... 

So, I am going to use the FOF blog to help spread the word - I am going to combine the first "A Few of my Favorite Things" post with an "advertisement" for Ed's Woodworking business.

Folks, if you are in need of any woodworking, custom made furniture, or other QUALITY done work - please get a hold of EJHudak Woodworking....   He does AMAZING work!

For now, the phone number is (obviously) incorrect on the advertisement...  I will get that repaired, but in the mean time, check out some of his work HERE, and feel free to contact Ed  AT THIS EMAIL ADDRESS - if you have any questions, or are interested in seeing what he can do for you! 

You will be glad you did!



  1. I've never heard of "cribbage" before so had to give it a quick googling. It doesn't seem too complicated to pick up with the exception of a few things, how easy is it to learn?

  2. I need a good woodworker to help me with an overhang next year. Wish I could find someone like Ed around here. We do have friends in Duluth, so I forwarded Ed's info on to them. Hope he gets some business from them!

  3. Lady Di and I love to play cribbage. Your board is awesome. We have two plain ones. Now we will have to look around for something interesting.

  4. Oh how I love love love cribbage! Used to play with my Dad all the time . . . now my little Dude is asking me to teach him . . . I can't wait until we get to play together :-)

  5. That is some really nice work done on the cribbage board, what a special gift. Now that that's said, I have never seen a cribbage board nor do I know how it's played.

  6. Cribbage is a very fun and challenging game. However, if you are thinking of striking up a game with Dave, be ever watchful.....he cheats!
    Dave's Friend,

  7. Don't even know what cribbage is! Good for your friend doing what he enjoys and good for you for pitching in eh?

  8. Oh how I love love love cribbage! Used to play with my Dad all the time . . . now my little Dude is asking me to teach him . . . I can't wait until we get to play together :-)


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