Minnesota State Fair - 2009 - Part 1 - Photos

The Minnesota State Fair 2009 experience in photos.

(photos are clickable for slightly larger versions)



Our Shuttle bus dropped us off right in front of the CHS "Miracle of Birth" animal birthing center.  Visitors are treated with pens and pens of animals on the verge of giving birth.  If you are lucky, you MAY just get to witness a live birth... But don't fret.  If you miss a live birth, you can watch one of the many prerecorded births on the numerous "jumbo Monitors placed strategically around the center.

There is NOTHING better to witness first hand, while on your way to pig out on a bunch of greasy, over the top fried foods!  (gag....)







First food stop.... (Almost a) Foot Long Hot Dog - smothered in fried onions.  I left the ketchup and mustard off until AFTER the photo!


Tom Thumb Mini Donuts!!  Enough to share will all!






Mini donuts for #5 of 5 - the mini'est of the five!

Mmmm... I love sugar on my lips!













(Don't know what Ricloa is?  Let these guys tell you!)











It's not a Minnesota event unless there is some SPAM somewhere!!

Spam hot dogs, and a Spamburger!! 

(No, that was NOT on the menu for the day - although I have had a spamburger before!!)







Next up was the lumberjack show.  But since it was not starting for a half hour, we found some good seats, and went...

Krazy with the Kettle Korn!









A rare glimpse of the Father of Five... (Holding the camera at arms length while taking a photo...)


Kettle Korn after we were finished!








The Next series of photos are from the Kiddy Farm - Where the wee little ones learn about farming, and how we get our food... They pretend to plant seeds, harvest crops, gather eggs (AtHomeDaddy - that middle photo is JUST FOR YOU!) take all your proceeds to market, and sell them for profit.  Then you take your "profit" and get to buy an item... (Small stuffed animal, individual box of cereal, can of veggies, etc....) - which shows kids how the farm cycle works!


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This photo is provided included as a result of a facebook discussion about "Texas foods served at the Minnesota State Fair"

I wonder if they serve Minnesota foods at the Texas State Fair, like Lefse?





6360_1236674196948_1232038102_30699036_4654655_n 6360_1236674476955_1232038102_30699042_3804189_n



Deep Fried Cheese Curds...


Need I say more?










And if Deep Fried Cheese Curds are not enough, try the Deep fried Pickles!!












After all that deep fried food, you have to wash it down with a Soda... I think that was the most soda #5 of 5 has ever drank in one setting..












#3 of 5 was quite intrigued with the stories written for each of the capes, and stuffed animals on the Minnesota DNR's "Wall of Shame".. Animals that were poached, and that a TIP'ster (Turn In Poachers)turned in - resulting in a conviction...

Good to see some early hunting ethics being instilled in my kids!









Left to Right... #5 of 5, Mother of Five, #3 of 5, #4 of 5, and #2 of 5.

Missing.... #1 of 5, and the Father of Five.











All the milk you can drink (white or chocolate) for a buck. 


It's a "Milk Bar"!










A annual tradition... Butter busts of all the pageant winners...

Carved out of blocks of butter...











#2 of 5 and #3 of 5 were the only ones interested in going in the "Haunted Mansion".

I have in the past, but was not interested at this point due to some "Paruresis and Parcopresis related difficulties"











After the Haunted Mansion... It was a cotton candy Free-for-all!!










Right next door to the Haunted Mansion.. Was the scariest place in the whole fair... Far scarier then ANY Haunted Mansion, Haunted House, or Horror Show...


Nope, no way.  Not goin'  in there.  WAY TO SCARY!






Photo show complete.. I had a lot more, but it gets to be daunting (resizing and labeling the photos with the blogsite)... I have a couple of stores to share - but you will have to stay tuned for those...


  1. I can't see it well enough...are they real busts of busts (of butter)?
    And also...curds! Yummy!
    If you tell me it was about 72 degrees with a hint of fall in the air, I'm gonna be REALLY jealous!

  2. P & P - you could not be more spot on with the weather.. It was a PERFECT day for the Minnesota State Fair..

    As for the busts... Here is a link to a wikipedia article that explains who gets busted in butter, and shows a fine example of a butter bust!


  3. All that food sounds awesome!

  4. I. Am. So. Jealous!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the MN State Fair . . . such wonderful memories of going their every year as a kid - G'pa always HAD to check out Machinery Hill ;-)

    The CO state fair? About like the Blue Earth County Fair in Southern MN . . . ugh. It's such a letdown - we can't even bring ourselves to go. Every couple years we head back to MN during State Fair season just so we can try to treat the kids to some of the wonderful things we experienced as kids - such as the heart stopping cheese curds and the best pork chop on a stick EVER!

    Kuddos to you and the fam for a fun time!

  5. I went to the MN State Fair for my first time this year. Drove from Pittsburgh all by my lonesome to check it out. It was AMAZING! Did you try the chocolate covered fruit on a stick? Big Fat Bacon? Thank you for these pics!


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