Back To School

One of my favorite movies is "Back to School".  This may be because of a similarity between my name and the name of the main character, or it may be the fact that Thornton Melon is the CEO of a line of clothing called "Tall and Fat" (which I am a card carrying member of each).  Regardless of the reason, this post is NOT about the movie.  I just stole the title... That's all.
Yet, like the plot of the movie, I too am going "back to school" with my son! 
Last year #2 of 5 passed his Firearms Safety Class and received his Firearms Safety Certificate.  At the end of the classes, I discovered I too COULD HAVE taken the class, and since I sat in the classes each night, I really SHOULD HAVE.  #2 and #3 of 5 are only a year apart, so I knew I would have the opportunity to take the class with my next oldest the following year.  As noted in the prior post, I promised myself I would take the class this fall.
When the Community Education catalog came out for the Fall sessions, I checked, and sure enough - Firearms Safety was among the choices.  I set the catalog aside, intending to take it to work and fill out the paperwork to get him enrolled.  The first night, I forgot the book at home.  The second night, I forgot the book at home.  Then, it was the weekend (Saturday and Sunday - Community Ed classes are closed).  Monday rolled on by, and on Tuesday - the Mother of Five contacted Community Ed to get him signed up. 
The class (limit 35) was FILLED. 
This is a disappointment because without the certificate, #3 of 5 can not legally hunt with me, and since #2 of 5 went last year, #3 of 5 was looking forward to joining us this year.  He was disappointed, but did a good job of containing it.  The "glimmer of hope" was that while the class was full, they were creating a "waiting list", and that #3 of 5 was the second kid on that list.
So, we waited... Patiently.
The waiting paid off!  Last week, community ed called and confirmed that there were a few cancellations, and that #3 of 5 was welcome to attend the class!  The first class was on Monday.  I took #3 of 5 to class a little early, and re-introduced myself to the lead instructor - and explained my desire to join #3 of 5 in class.  The instructor was delighted to hear that I was joining. 
When class started, there was one other father with their child, and one (childless) adult in class.  By the end of class there were a couple of other dad's joining in.
Over the next 14 days, we have seven scheduled classes to attend (3 hours each class) - a final test, and a "field trip" that consists of demonstrating safe gun handling "in the field", and a live fire exercise.
Even though I do not (legally) "need it", having a Firearms Safety Certificate is a good thing and reinforces the lessons in safety I have learned from "best bud Ed" and his dad throughout the years - and teaches my children important lessons - even if they never hunt again.


  1. Sounds like a great class and great one on one time with your son.

  2. I want to take a firearms safety class with my boys when they're older.

  3. For those of you who haven't, take the class with your child - son OR daughter. Went with my son two years ago, it was a good experience, and yes, there were several young ladies taking the class.
    If there are those of you who are against firearms of any kind, don't deny your child the ability to make a gun safe! We teach them to wear helmets while riding their bikes, how to swim, drive a car safely, why not how to handle a firearm safely?
    If they decide to become shooter/hunters, all the better, if not, this is still a valuable class.

  4. Hey, FOF! Just getting caught up after my absence. Love it all!

    I still want to take this class.


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