Reason #4,632

Reason #4,632 why we choose to send our kids to the private school.

The Mother of Five volunteers to help serve hot lunch at our kids school (the private school). Today, one of the other volunteers (our next door neighbor) was going to be unable to make it, and asked the Mother of Five to pass the word along.

After the other mother left, the Mother of Five cornered me, guilted me, convinced me to join her since it was my day off.

I was primarily the "baked potato guy", but I also filled in as "bread guy", and the "would you like mixed fruit or pineapple cup guy"... At times being all three-in-one!

We teach our kids to say please and thank you when people help, or serve them (restaurants, etc). I also know that not every parent instills this value in their children.

It was so impressive to see (and I am not exaggerating one bit when I say) that EACH AND EVERY ONE of the kids coming though the line, after being asked if they want a _________, they would say "yes, please", or "no, thank you" - then followed up with another "thank you" when their tray was handed to them...
It became almost surreal to see..

After my sentence was served I finished helping serve the meal, I pointed this observation out to the Mother of Five. She simply said... "Yeah.. They do." like it was no big deal...

And that is how I know that my money is being well spent. It is that type of environment that you can not put a price on.

Thanks St. John's!

(NOTE - I am not trying to say that kids who go to public schools are not capable of such acts... They are... I imagine many of the kids would do the same... It really has to do with parenting, and less with the school... I thank St. John's for providing a place where these ideals can be and are nurtured to the extent that they are.

A thank you also goes out to ALL the the parents who, even though they do not send their kids to St. John's (or a private school), spend their time teaching their kids how to live their life with dignity and respect! You all know who you are!)


  1. I agree with you in that it is the parents who instill those values and manners in children. We always are reminding our children (mostly Sweet Pea) the importance of "please" and "thank you". I think it also teaches children respect for others. Nice that you and your wife were able to "work" together. I enjoy the times that Dad Stuff and I can volunteer together.
    Dad Stuff Wife

  2. Awesome post. The fundamental difference between public and private schools is that private schools enforce your values. Like politeness. You can teach it ALL DAY at home, but if the envronment you put your kids in as at odds with what you teach, it's an uphill battle.

  3. My family attended a family school and your right that it is definitely the why the parents teach the children. However, it is very nice to have a school that re-enforces the standards and principles taught at home.

  4. This is part of the reason that we scrape together and go without to send 5 children to public school.

  5. I think most of us "get" what you're saying here, and I too agree. Parental involvement, to me, is the #1 reason why a particular school thrives while another falls short. And were it not politically incorrect to point it out, I think we'd see some interesting data regarding urban/suburban populations and school performance.


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