The Best News Out of This Election?

I was in the car with #1 of 5, when I first heard the commercial that made my "next four years"! The commercial was for "Election Night Thunderdome '08 - Two men enter, one man leaves..."

Ron_and_FezWhat is Election Night Thunderdome '08??

Election Night Thunderdome '08 is the LIVE radio broadcast from my radio buddays Ron & Fex (Noon to three (eastern)) on... You guessed it!

Election Night!

The funniest guys on radio, with the best darn radio show on the planet (in my humble opinion), will be coming in off hours, and doing LIVE election coverage..

CNN? Go away.

FOX News? Leave me alone.

Local Coverage? Ack....Gag...

I plan on spending the night, getting my election updates from Ron & Fez - It's about the only thing that will make that night tolerable! Had it not been for Ron& Fez, I WOULD NOT have watched or listened to ANY election coverage. I would have waited until the next morning to hear... BUT NOT ANYMORE!!

Election Night Thunderdome '08 - Two men enter, one man leaves...
XM Radio 202 - The Virus - 7:00 pm - 12:00 (eastern) - 6:00pm - 11:00pm (central).

Ron, Fez, Dave and Earl... Thank you!


  1. Dude. I don't have XM. That's sounds like a lot of laughs though.

  2. I found this through your facebook page. Dude, you have taken promoting your blog to a whole new level.


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