Headin' out

By the time this is posted (and anyone has a chance to read it), I will be in my car, and pulling out of my driveway - en route to Ed's Cabin for the annual Minnesota Waterfowl Hunting Opener.
Normally, this is a GREAT opportunity to play back an older episode (usually one that I missed) of XM Radio's Ron & Fez show... (Have I ever mentioned how much I love that show?)
This year, I will have to change my tune just a wee bit.  As much as I love the show, it is not appropriate for #2 of 5 to listen to...
Why would #2 of 5 be hearing the Ron & Fez show if you are in your car, and on your way up north for a duck hunting trip?
#2 of 5 passed his Firearms Safety Class, and received his Firearms Safety Certificate!  When I told Ed about this, he asked if #2 of 5 will be joining us this year.  I told Ed that I did not want to extend an invitation to him, as I was not sure how he felt about it.
Ed quickly piped back that of course he was invited, and that he is very interested in passing along our hunting traditions to our kids!  I was very excited to hear this!
So, we modified our schedules at home, and worked it out so that #2 of 5 is able to join me this year!  I am so excited to have #2 of 5 up with me this year... I am sure you can imagine what kind of proud papa I am... 
We packed everything up early (well ok, we packed up some stuff early) and I have scrambled to pack up the rest (surely I have forgotten something...).  As soon as he gets home from Football practice, we are heading out for a little slice of heaven, er... I mean Ed's Cabin.
I need to provide a huge "shout-out-of-love" for the Mother of Five - who takes on a lot of extra responsibility when I leave for a hunting trip.  I would not be able to go if it was not for the extra stuff she does to help make it happen!  MOF - you are THE BEST!!  Hey, I may even stay in the kitchen and visit with you while you clean this years "harvest".  (wink)
In addition to duck hunting, we will also be hunting Ruffed Grouse, and Grey Squirrel...  And who could forget the copious amounts of eating, napping, wood chopping, and some great times around the campfire that 'may' include cigars, some beer, and a lil' nip o' the bottle (for the adults)..
I will also be placing my first GeoCache out into the world this weekend!  I am up to 19 finds so far (as you can see in the GeoCache Widget on the right sidebar), and am pretty excited about placing my first GeoCache!  I have a pretty good idea where I want to place it, and will be able to do that while I am hunting!  I'll be sure to post some info on GeoCaching with Dad!
Duck and Deer hunting is a pretty big deal up in these parts.  My co-worker and friend, The King of Clubs will also "Getting Ready for Duck Hunting".  Don't be afraid to drop by and wish him luck too!
So you wont all be so lonely, I've scheduled a few posts to pop up whilst I am out. Hope you enjoy!
Sorry this is so disjointed of a post... My head is already in the duck blind, and not on writing this post..  Although, I am sure I will return with some good stories to share with you through Dad's Outdoor Journal!
Mother of Five... If you are reading this while I am gone... Don't forget how thankful I am, and how much I love you!  I'll be thinking about you while I am gone, and look forward to seeing you when I get home!
Adiós my friends! 

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