((30+5) x 2) + 1

Happy Birthday to the father of "The Father of Five"!

Left to Right
#1, Mother of "The Father of Five", #2, Father of The Father of Five, #5 (on his lap) #3, #4

For better or worse, here is where most of my "fatherin' skilz" came from!

Happy Birthday Dad, from ALL of us!

Yup, that's "Your's Truly, the gentle giant", with his "ol' man".
(oh, if you can't tell, I'm the "prettier" one!)


  1. Happy Birthday to Father of Father of 5!

  2. Happy Birthday FOFOF!

  3. A big happy birthday to that young man in the picture with you!!

    I also wanted to thank you for your kind words and advice after my little misshap. It helped me feel like not such an idiot.

  4. Happy Birthday Father of The Father of Five! I hope your still keeping him in line.

  5. Happy Birthday Father of FOF! By the way, nice family photo! I love photos of kids with Grandparents. :)

    Dad Stuff Wife

  6. Awww! I wanted to say FOFOF! Late again. Happy Birthday Grandfather to Quintuple Offspring of Paternal Dad Guy.

  7. Happy Birthday Mr. Mellon! From an old friend of an old friend!

  8. Best belated birthday wishes FOFOF! I hope it's a wonderful year.


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