A Couple of Quick Photos


Just an example of the wonderful imagry seen from a Minnesota Duck Blind!


Photo edit...

After serious consideration, I removed the "staged" photo. After having taken #2 of 5 to firearms safety classes, and his first hunting trip - I decided that the photo was a "bad example", and best if not used for public display...

In it's place, please enjoy a photo of #2 of 5 peeking out of his duck blind on the second morning.


  1. I hope these are photos of things that don't mix.

  2. Where's the Moose?

  3. Yes DadStuff... These are items that we do not usually mix...

    The seal is still on the brandy, and the beer is capped. The ATF photo (I forgot to put cigars in the photo) was "Staged"... In that as we were unloading our vehicles, these were some items left on the table... I could not resist taking this "forbidden" photo!

    The first photo is real... A spent shell floating in the bogwater.

  4. Orlund - No Moose... And no ducks either... Came home empty handed

  5. Wait wait...I know this one...

    ...the question is: Name two things the U.S. government would like to completely control, but never will.

  6. Great pictures Dave! I can't wait to hear the whole story and how #2 of 5 did!


  7. I have never hunted anything but mosquitos. I'm not completely opposed, I just never have done it. I hope you had a good time bonding!

  8. No ducks because of missed opprotunities, or no ducks because of no ducks? Great photos. My original plan to bring my 4 and 8 year olds to the blind for the operner was thwared by an overnight low of 25 degrees. I too anxiously await the report!

  9. Great pics from the blind!! I am going out with my buddy from work this coming week. We are going to a place known for Canvas Backs, Teal, Mallards, and Geese. Hoping to get some good shots from the blind as well. From the camera and Benelli both:)

  10. Awesome pics! I've never been in a duck blind, but it looks fun ;).

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