2007 Minnesota Twins Home Opener

Yes folks it's true. I attended the 2007 Minnesota Twins Home Opener last night. My brother-in-law from Illinois is a HUGE Twins fan, and he (and his soon-to-be wife) brought their (16 month old) son (our nephew) to his very first Minnesota Twins Game.

In attendance was:
Joe (Father in Law)
Carole (Mother in law)
Mike (Brother in law)
Brian (Brother in law)
Jessica (soon to be Sister in law)
Miles (Nephew)
Jonathan (Son)
Zachary (Son)
and Myself.

Now, it's no secret that I am not the biggest sports fan around. But for a chance to be with a major chunk of our family, at Miles' first baseball game, I could not pass it up!

Remember the question? The one about Thorton Melon's stores? Well, the seats at the Metrodome were also not made for "His customers".

While it is true that I am fat, I am also very tall... And just being overall a giant of a man, sitting squished in the metrodome seats for 3 hours is... uncomfortable.

This was more or less just an annoyance. Watching Miles at the game, and watching Brian enjoy having Miles at the game was worth the tight fit!

Overall, I had a good time. There was one point in this game where the Twins hit back to back home runs, and the crowd went WILD...

It was fun watching the upper deck (where we were sitting) try and get a "wave" going. It would start, and fade out... Then the starting section would boo the rest of the crowd, and start over again... Each time the wave made it a little further and the inevitable Booing, and restart of the wave, until it made it all the way around. (I have never seen that before).

My favorite part of last night's game (and got the biggest cheers from me) was when some uber-fan jumped the rail and took off into the outfield. At one point there were seven security officers chasing him around, and he evaded them much longer that I thought he could. When they finally caught up to him <> he went down hard! They dragged him up, cuffed him and began escorting him off the field. That was when I got up and started cheering! (I was not cheering because of the "take down" or that he was cuffed - I was cheering for this guy and for having the kahoonas to do what he did!!) Definitely the highlight of last nights game!!

On a side note... I HAVE TO go to another Twins game in April. Cub Scout event with Zachary. That will tie my record for number of baseball games in a given year... Maybe someone will run out on the field that day too!!

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  1. Well, well, had I known you were at the game, I would have come and taken a picture. I was in the upper deck also and I too, wholehardedly enjoyed the game. Would I have it any other way??? I can't believe you forgot to mention the game of "keep away" with the beach ball, that was going on in the "Home Run Porch" for a good 15 mins or so.....


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