Too cute not to share.

Today (Easter Sunday) I had to work. It was a pretty slow day, so I noticed on the TV Guide that Napoleon Dynamite was on. My boys hold this movie in such high regard. They talk about the scenes, and repeat some of the quotes. I assume this comes from what they have picked up from their friends, as have never actually seen the movie. They frequently ask to see the movie, but I never have gotten around to renting it fore them.

Since the movie was going to be on TV, I ran to Walgrens (on my break) to buy a blank video tape so I could set up the VCR at work to record the movie for the boys. (The movie finished just before I got off duty - how convenient...) While standing in the checkout lane, I saw the cutest little "transaction" between three young children. It really brightened my day, and I left Walgrens with a big smile on my face. I wanted to share the story. It's probably going to be one of those "you had to be there to appreciate it" stories, but I am going share it anyway.

Standing in line in front of me were three young children. I would estimate their ages as between five and seven. There were two boys and a girl. One of the boys and the girl were obviously siblings, while the other boy must have been a friend. They were purchasing a liter of generic Walgrens soda and two "grab and go" bags of "salty snacks" (Freetos and something else). While in line, they were discussing the costs of each item, and how much they (collectively) had.

As they reached the front of the line, they discovered they were going to be five cents short. They started looking desperate. As they laid their loot on the counter, I started to dig into my pocket to be able to "rush to their rescue" and provide them the needed balance. All of a sudden the little girl took off her shoe, and grabbed a nickel that she had stashed in her shoe under her (un-socked) foot. She reluctantly handed the nickel over to her brother. The brother took it, when the second little boy turned around to the little girl and said "no-backs" in what I could only presume to be a declaration that no one was going to pay her back the nickel. They all stood wide eyed as the cashier rang up their total, and you could see the delight in their eyes when the total came to $3.05. One of the boys (excitedly) exclaimed "We get a penny back!"

The kids got their snacks purchased, and asked to have it bagged (to make carrying their loot back home a little easier), and scuttled out the door.

As a father, it was fun to be able to sit back and watch these three kids interact amongst themselves. I often wonder if (when they are not under my watchful eye) my kids interact the same way with each other and with their friends...

I hope so!

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