Time Management

I've hit another one of those patches where it seems like it has been a long time since my last update.

I am not going to go into ALL the details with you, but between my work schedule and my home schedule, I have been on a non stop string of activity that started just before Easter and does not let up until Saturday the 21st. My "days off", as well as my "off duty" hours have been filled to capacity. I have not gotten to sleep before 11pm (and have been up as late as 1am). I have to be up at 5am on my work days, and I get to "sleep in" to 6:30 am on my days off! I am getting between four and six hours of sleep a night.

I did get a couple of productive things done during this time - I managed to get my taxes done*, I am helping my dad get rid of some of the "leftovers" from his kitchen remodel with a CRAIGSLIST ADD, I helped work on my father-in-law's basement (he is finishing it), and I helped a family friend who had a basement flood (and then start to mold). I helped with some "deconstruction".

*Watch for future Post(s).
In addition to "Taxes", I have started posts on the "Invention Convention", and a quick one about a second Twins Game I attended. (This is what I like to call this my "teaser-line").

The rest of this week is very, very busy - but I will try work on getting these posts ready for "public consumption".

Oh, on a side note... Based on a recommendation from a fellow blogger (Thanks Eric!), I picked up a copy of "More Stories of the Old Duck Hunters" by Gordon MacQuarrie. This is book two of a three book set. I got it for a pretty good price off of eBay, and so now I will start watching for the other two - Book one "Stories of the Old Duck Hunters & Other Drivel" and book three - "Last stories of the Old Duck Hunters" (Now, if I can only find some time to read without being so tired I fall asleep!) I am looking forward to reading them!

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