One Year Anniversary

One year and eight days ago to be exact.

It all started HERE on April 2, 2006. To tell you the truth I had NO IDEA how much I would enjoy keeping a blog. I have a new hobby!

It all started because a friend of mine had started a blog called Many Things do not Fly. She shared it with me, and I was hooked! That blog was like a drug. I could not get enough. When the author could no longer "provide" at a pace to keep up with my "need" I took matters into my own hands, and started the "Father of Five".

"Father of Five" has grown into the world of FOF - A "Trifecta" of blogs.
1. Father of Five
2. Dad's Outdoor Journal
3. My unattainable Dreams

The outdoor journal blog started from an actual outdoor journal that I keep for my kids and their kids, and their kids kids, and so on... I started blogging the entries in the journal (and now that I think about it, I have more that I need to add from many years ago). My unattainable Dreams is just a place to talk about the things that I daydream about, but know will never happen. (Alaska is a big theme on that one!)

I am thinking of starting the "World of a FOF" marketing campaign. Cups, hats, mugs, tee-shirts, frisbees, etc... Maybe FOF will be the next "pet rock", and I'll make a million! (Ok.. perhaps that needs to be filed in "My Unattainable Dreams"!)

Since starting my foray into the world of blogging, I have provided some inspiration, or had some part in the inception of at least two, and perhaps three other blogs.
1. King of Clubs
2. JDZ Photography
3. Refusing to turn 30
There are at least two others friends and one family member that I have been urging to start a blog. One has said they are interested and have even started planning / searching out a name. The second has said that they were not interested. The family member has expressed an interest, but... well... We will see... (She has some of the best damn kid stories that I have ever heard, and friends/family all over the US! It would be a GREAT blog! - She knows who she is!)

I have added to the regular menu of blogs that I read too. In addition to the blogs listed above, I am a frequent visitor to...
1. The Ethereal Garage
2. Brandon Otte's Blog

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