Simple Pleasures

I do have a couple of vices that I enjoy "once and a while".

Honestly, "Once in a while" usually means "when I can afford it" and that usually is not very often.

I do enjoy a fine cigar once and a while.. Usually around a major event, Holiday, vacation, or around hunting season... Notice how I said that I enjoy a "fine cigar" "once and a while"? Let me translate.

A Fine cigar once and a while = Two or Three times a year I get to enjoy a "premium", "handmade", "handrolled", "long filler" cigar. Normally, about once every two weeks I smoke a "machine made", "cut filler", "artifically sweetened" cigar with an "artificially manufactured outer wrapper".

With that cleared up, let me say that the last "fine cigar" I had was during hunting season, and that was one of Ed's Father's. The last cigar (non-fine) I had was in the garage working on the pinewood derby cars (in Early January).

For thoes of you who know cigars, you will understand that there is significant difference between a $5.00 cigar and five cigars for $4.00, but what other choice do I have?
Today (thanks to a co-worker and friend) that has changed a bit...

Her "eagle eye" caught on to a "deal" that was "too good to be true", and I ended up with a nice supply of unbelievable cigars, that I would NEVER normally be able to enjoy.

I think I owe he lunch next week!
(It was dark when I took this picture - I'll replace it with a better one later)

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  1. I have never smoked anything, regularly (thankfully). I do, though, also enjoy an occassional cigar on a fall evening or a beach vacation. (My wife says I "pretend" to smoke them.) I only have experience with the 5/$4 variety, however. I may get up the nerve to purchase a $5 variety someday!


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