Pinewood Derby 2007 - Part 3

Too Tired to write...

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, these must be worth at least five-thousand words!
(Owners name is UNDER the picture.)

Jonathan ..................................Zachary

Rebecca ...................................Melissa



  1. I love this year's "Team Melin"! All of the cars look really good! Have they raced yet? How did they do?

  2. Nice work Dave! You've made dispatchers statewide proud..and it's never too early to teach your kids what their final resting place will look like. This reminds me of about 26 or so years ago during my own pinewood derby races where the competition between parent/kid teams became so intense that it actually resulted in "Rule Amendments"...and yes I was the cause of this. My father had all the power tools known to humans and I loved the appearance of the formula 500 race of course he helped me create one...complete with front fin..driver w/steering wheel..rear-view mirrors..air intake behind the driver..tail fin..sponsor decals..I forget the rest. I pirated the driver/steering wheel/rear-view mirrrors off of toy cars that I had not been playing with..and used a lot of superglue and wood glue to attach the accessories. End result: 1st place in the design competition...and one rival father/son team who set out to try and make sure I'd never win that again. Not by actually trying harder themselves the next year...but by utilizing the same techniques he used on the Metropolitan Planning Commission...changing the rules to fit his own needs. Sure enough the next year with our kits we received a written notice of what we could not do to our pinewood derby kits: attach plastic parts/pieces nor glue wooden pieces onto the main body (henceforth derby cars would be of only one solid piece - cars not made by a master woodcarver would be boring once again. I heard my father say more than a few expletives that day...and then we made a one piece Porsche Carerra replica which took 1st place in the design competition again...and more importantly I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Rules for My Own Benefit angry once again...and his kid had to settle for 3rd place. I never came close to winning a trophy for speed...somehow the ugliest cars ever made left mine in the dust year after year...but that was ok since my cars were always crazy wicked just like your coffin car is. Derek the Dispatcher


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