I have done some work on the blog tonight.

#1 On your left you will see a new "Archive" format. This new format is interactive (you can manipulate it to have it show what you do, and do not want to see), it is cronological (not reverse chronological like the old layout), and it will let you see the links to ALL the old posts (not just the "Recent Posts" like the old format had)! I think you will like it much better!!

#2 You may have seen labels on the bottom of most of my new posts. Under the "Archive", is the "Label" area. You can see how many posts have any given label. This feature is also "interactive". By clicking on any one of the labels, the screen will refresh, showing only the entries with that label. Another nice tool!

#3 Under the Labels are "Links". These are perminant links to my other blogs, and blogs that I read on a regular basis.

#4 I removed the "parchment" background that made the blog look like it was written on old parchment paper. Because I widened the blog in the bigining, the paper background never really lined up correctly.
I Hope these improvement make your "Father of Five" experience a better one!

Watch for similar changes to "Dad's Outdoor Journal"!


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