Pinewood Derby 2007 - Part 1

Yup, It’s that time again!

Last year, “Team Melin did pretty well!

Jonathan took 2nd place in his den, Zachary took 3rd place in his den, and Rebecca got a "Participant" ribbon, which she was as excited about as the boys were about their trophies!

Last year’s cars were still “wet” on race day, and although the event is only 9 days away, I am going to see to it that “team Melin” does not repeat last year’s “wet paint” fiasco. (Oh, we were not the only “wet paint” cars present either…)

Anyway, at our pack’s derby races, not only are the scouts allowed to make and race cars, but siblings and parents have their own division too!

Two years ago, I (with a little help of my friend BILL and his drill press), made what I thought to be a great car. I drilled two holes through the car (the long way) for better aerodynamics (thinking the air would flow "through" the car), and put a high gloss finish on it, and even epoxied the axle nails into place (so they would not move)! I never added any additional weight to replace the wood that was removed, and so the car, and needless to say, did not do as well as I hoped (I had the lightest weight car in the parent/sibling division - if not the whole pack..)

Last year (because of bad planning and time constraints (see my referral to “wet paint” above), I never made a car. I was strictly a “observer”.

Inspired by Jonathan’s car last year, I came up with a most creative idea for another car. I did not share my idea with ANYONE (not even my own children) so that I could have the most unique and “talked about” pinewood derby car of 2007!

My neighbor called me up tonight and asked to use my band saw for his son’s car. Since I had to “break” out the saw, I became inspired, and as of tomorrow night (Tuesday), we have a date with some power tools!

Jonathan wants to duplicate (as closely as possible) his entry from last year, thinking that he will have as good a race this year as he did last year. No problem!

Zachary on the other hand, wants to (get ready to NOT be shocked) make a pickup truck. Being the more “out-doors” of the two boys, this does not surprise me at all.

Rebecca will (I am sure) again have bright colors and glittery do-dads, and frilly who-haa’s all over her car.

My car too will have a theme. Oh, I am not going to divulge it yet. (And Bill, don’t bother asking - I’m not going to tell you.. Not even if you guess correctly.) I will (each day - like the deck) post my progress on my car. This year I am more focused on form, and less on function.

I want to be the “there’s the guy that made THAT car” Dad!

Oh, I want to leave ’em talking about (or “wondering about”) me for years to come!!

Since I have no progress to show you today except what you see in the photo below (on day one) I will share the name of my car with you…

The car is named
The Final Lap

If you think you know what it is going to turn out to look like, please keep your guesses to yourself for now please. In a day or two I will be asking you to post your “guesses” as comments…

Jordan Cub Scouts
Jordan Boy Scouts

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