Pinewood Derby 2007 - Final Results!

Pinewood Derby 2007 - Team Melin Final Results:

Overall, the race itself is sort of “confusing”, and hard to explain. Once you have seen it done, it makes more sense, but I’ll try to explain how it works…

The race track consists of three lanes. There are a total of three “heats” . During each “heat” a car is raced (along with two others). Your goal is not to take “first place” during each of the heats, instead your goal is to have the best overall time averaged over each of the heats. Each time a car races, it is raced on a different lane (so that your average time is figured out by one run in each lane).

Zachary (Car 65) - 715, 716, 720 - Average 717 (1 st year Weblos)
Jonathan (Car 79) - 724, 732, 730 - Average 728 (2 nd year Weblos)
Rebecca (Car 115) - 731, 739, 728 - Average 732 (“Open” class - non-scout friends and family)
Melissa (Car 116) - 849, 861, 859 - Average 856 (“Open” class - non-scout friends and family)
David (Car 117) - 749, 746, 762 - Average 752 (“Open” class - non-scout friends and family)

Rebecca, Melisa and I each won a “Participant” ribbon.

Trophies were awarded to 4 th, 3 rd, 2 nd, and 1 st place for each level of scouts. (Tigers, Wolf, Bear, 1 st year Weblos, and 2 nd year Weblos.)

Zachary took 4 th place trophy from within the 1 st year Weblos dens. (Left)
Jonathan took 3 rd place trophy from within the 2 nd year Weblos dens. (Right)

Overall, another successful year for “Team Melin”

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  1. Nicely done Team Melin!
    I am still not sure what to say about your car though . . . disturbing?!?!?


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