A New Phone

Due to the recent failure of my current cel phone, I had to purchase a new phone.

My options were...

1. Re-up a two year contract with my provider and get a new phone for little or no cost, but be locked in to another two year contract..


2. Buy a phone outright (out of pocket) and stay month to month on my cellular contract.

I went with option #2 and have been watching ebay for a deal on a phone. Tonight I found one (at the last minute).

It is a Nokia 6030 - which is by far not my favorite phone, but the price was right! I got a New / Unused phone in the silver color - (Which I like even less) but I have also since discovered there are literally hundreds of "skins" avaiable for this phone...

I can always get the standard black, or the black rubberized "non slip" skin, the "Camo skin" for the duck boat, the rosewood skin, the scary gothic skull skin, or the basic grey (Which I think I like the best...)
I have some thinking to do.. and the good thing is that they are all cheap enough that I can change my mind frequently!

1 comment:

  1. As you could probably guess, I like the camo cover! A nice Shadow Grass or MAX 4HD would be perfect for a duck blind! The phone looks nice too! Not having a flip phone means less moving parts to break!


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