Memorial Day - 2011

In an effort to help my boys appreciate the sacrifice the service men and women make for our country (up to and including the “ultimate sacrifice” that far too many of our young men and women have had to make, and is the focus of today’s holiday) – I sat and watched “The Hurt Locker” with them.  It was a little more gritty than we normally allow our boys to watch, but I felt the lessons important enough to look past the profanity and the graphic scenes.  The “Mother of Five” and I sat and talked about the movie, and what we saw in the movie with the boys after we watched it.  I am convinced they have a better appreciate for the struggles our soldiers are facing every day in the Middle East.

Watching “The Hurt Locker” with them was to be the prelude to this year’s Memorial Day Parade and Prayer Service.  Our Boy Scout Troop was again asked to take part in the parade, and as the “Color Guard” for the Memorial Service at the cemetery. 

The day’s events started with short parade starting at Broadway and 2nd St, turned down Water St. and concluded at Varner St.



First up – The guests of honor.  Our town’s Veterans.








Followed by a contingency of Jordan Firefighters






There were a few pageant winners (no photos… sorry) followed shortly by Jordan Cub Scout Troop and Jordan Boy Scout Troop

252553_2113971528833_1232038102_32541062_3981363_n 250893_2113972928868_1232038102_32541068_3741569_n 



And, what small town parade is complete without the High School Marching Band.




Since the parade route was short enough and my photos were taken at the beginning of the route, I was able to cut through town, and meet the parade again at the end of the route for a couple more photo opportunities.

252153_2113975048921_1232038102_32541078_3395959_n 253598_2113974528908_1232038102_32541077_289526_n248203_2113975288927_1232038102_32541079_4866725_n


Once the band reached the end of the parade route, it was time to head up to Spirit Hill Cemetery for the Memorial Day Service.





The Troop gathered and the “Color Guard” prepared for the flag ceremony. 

#3 of 5 was one of the four scouts selected. 



The following nine photographs are a series of pictures taken during the Flag Ceremony.  From our vantage point at the opposite end of the cemetery a couple of us dads noticed the boys were about to make a VERY embarrassing error. 

See if you can spot the nearly “fatal flaw” that was almost made. 

Thankfully, the mistake was spotted, and an embarrassing situation was averted (I was told that #3 of 5 was the one who made, but also the one who caught and prevented the error from happening).

252103_2113980449056_1232038102_32541100_8096673_n 247723_2113983369129_1232038102_32541114_7097826_n 248768_2113980929068_1232038102_32541102_6189453_n 253598_2113981249076_1232038102_32541104_7096316_n 255183_2113981649086_1232038102_32541105_2070913_n 253823_2113981889092_1232038102_32541107_2439902_n 248748_2113982289102_1232038102_32541109_1792506_n 254463_2113982649111_1232038102_32541111_6360398_n 250363_2113983169124_1232038102_32541113_2761717_n

Once the flag was raised, then lowered to half mast, the Color Guard returned to ranks, and they were followed by our Veterans.  I found this to be very moving.

250033_2113984609160_1232038102_32541121_5535004_n 248343_2113985889192_1232038102_32541126_5804383_n253938_2113986729213_1232038102_32541128_4614060_n 247703_2113988169249_1232038102_32541133_868463_n

Once the Veteran’s “Honor Guard” arrived to the staging area, they lined up, and fell into parade rest throughout the duration of the service. 

253538_2113988929268_1232038102_32541136_3691699_n 254893_2113989569284_1232038102_32541138_2984073_n

The “Honor Guard” concluded the service with a 21-gun salute, followed by a duet of Taps by two members of the High School Marching Band.

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  1. Almost hung "Old Glory" upside down?

    Good lesson for the boys. Not having any veterans in my lineage since my Grandfather (U.S. Navy, WW II... my Dad was drafted during the Vietnam era, but released because of a medical condition), I am sometimes concerned that patriotism gets "watered down". When I see a soldier in uniform, I often wish I would have served. I get emotional when the July 4th color guard passes during the parade, but not sure that is being effectively transferred to my kids.

    I experience the same feeling about Communion Services at church... feeling like the emotional connection is being lost on my kids. I know this comes with age and maturity, but it's my job to transfer it to them.

    Good post!


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