#3 of 5’s Trap Shooting Team is now in full swing.  One meet was canceled due to weather, and he missed another one due to a venue change.  Last week, while shooting, his scores had dropped from the previous week.  He had a coach watching over his shoulder trying to figure out what was going on.  Originally, the coach thought he was “right eye dominant” and shooting left handed (not unheard of, but very unusual).  After a couple of tests on the sideline, we determined that he was (as I suspected) “left eye dominant”. 

About half way through the round, he turned to me and indicated there was a problem with the gun.  The stock was hanging on to the receiver by a thread (literally, since they are bolted together).  One of the coaches offered up another student’s gun for the remainder of the round while another dad and I scrounged up some tools, and did our best ”field repair”. 

It loosened again.  We tightened it again.  For whatever reason, the butt stock bolt would not stay tight.  I would have to check into a repair before his next meet.

Today was the day I had slotted for “gunsmithing”.  I broke the gun down, and removed the butt stock and the butt stock bolt.  The threads all seemed intact.  There was a washer in place.  The best I could determine was that the threads seemed a little “loose”.

Mastermag 880 - 20 gauge   Mastermag 880 - 20 gauge

The most practical first step to try and solve the problem was putting a little “loctite” on the butt stock bolt.  The only problem was that I was out of loctite.

On my way to the hardware store (I love hardware stores!) I stopped at the mailbox, and was delighted to see a package I had been waiting for.  It was a replacement part I ordered.  Ironically it was for a gun!  It was not for THIS gun, but it was for another gun I am working on!!

Remember these posts??
Grandpa's Shotgun - Post 1
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Recently, I discovered an auction site devoted strictly to firearms (and related items).  (be sure to check them out for all your firearms related needs!). 

Well, playing around on GunBroker, I found someone selling the cut off muzzle end from a )16 gauge Mossberg 190 containing one of the parts I needed.  (I needed the “C-Lect choke sleeve”

(Photos below are from the actual auction)

pix880255651  pix363675168

It was as if it was “kismet”.  Seeing as I had my table cleared off, tools out, and my gunsmithing hat on – I dug “Grandpa’s Shotgun” out of storage, and installed the choke sleeve over the muzzle of the gun.  I plan on keeping the spare site bead and the choke marker template for future needs.

Grandpa’s Shotgun is one more step closer to being complete!  The only part still “missing” is the shell magazine.  Once I have the magazine, I need to have the gun re-blued, and am planning on re-finishing the wood stock.  Then, the gun will be complete! 

Mastermag 880 - 20 gauge  & Mossberg 190 - 16 gauge

Now, let’s hope that the loctite holds the butt stock bolt tight. 


  1. The question that comes to my mind, though, is this: Did your wife know you were using her kitchen table as your workbench?

  2. David,
    Hoppe's #9 will damage the finish on your table. Blame one of the children.

  3. So I read this entire post and understood about 15% of it. The biggest thing I gleaned though, was when I finally purchase a firearm, I know who to take with me during my purchase and exactly who to call when something goes wrong. That person is YOU buddy!!!


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