FOF Observation #22

Black High Tops

As a teen (and into my 20’s) I was almost always sporting a pair of black Converse All Stars High Top tennis shoes (also known as “Chuck Taylors”).

I had long since forgotten about my affinity for Converse All-Stars, until recently when we had to pick up a pair as part of #4 of 5’s recent dance routine.  While shopping for them, I reminisced (fondly) upon my days of wearing my All-Stars with her.  It must have made and impression.

Once the dance recital was over, the first thing #4 of 5 asked me was if it was alright if she wore her high-tops as “regular shoes”.


Girls that wear Converse All Stars ARE AWESOME!




Do you want to know something else I always thought about All-Stars??


Girls that wear ‘em are… 














The "FOF Observations" are a series of "Perpetual Posts" where I will share with you, my readers, short little observations that I have made (or will be making) on being the father of a large family. You will be able to access each of the posts in a cohesive list by clicking on the "FOF Observations" link in the "Perpetual Posts" group on the sidebar.


  1. I KNOW you are busy.
    I KNOW you work crazy hours.
    I KNOW you are tired.

    SHE is #4 of 5...

  2. I was uh.... just testing you all... That's it!! YEAH! I was just testing you all!!!


    #4 of 5 saw it, read it and ran downstairs to tell me she is not #3...

    Dang... I need a vacation!!

  3. Haha, mixing up the kids, yup first sign of Alzheimer's buddy!!! Don't worry, I'm sure one of the five will take care of you.

    And yes, you are totally correct, girls in Chucks rock!

  4. I agree about the Chuck Taylors. I had a red pair in HS and wore them through college until they wore out.
    Now N1S has a black pair with orange laces. He always has to have orange.


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