As a 9-1-1 operator, I can not even begin to estimate the number of calls I have taken from victims of car accidents. 

The range of emotions from people I talk to very widely.  I speak to people who are calm and rational, others who are so scared and distraught I can hardly understand what they are trying to tell me between the gasps for air, and the sobbing - and then there are the raving lunatics, the folks who get so upset the can (and do) start fist-fights at the scene.

Last night, while I had a few of the kids at #3 of 5’s Trap Shooting Match, the Mother of Five took #4 of 5 to her softball practice.  When I arrived home, the Mother of Five met me in the garage (before I could even get out of my car) and said “don’t freak out, I have something to show you.”  I was certain she had hit something with the van.  It turns out that our van was hit while parked in the Athletic Complex parking lot. 

She filled me in on the story.  Van2

It was at softball practice that there was some sort of commotion in the parking lot – and (after a few minutes) a couple of the other moms who recognized a vehicle that was hit as being similar to our van, approached the Mother of Five and asked her if she drove a silver Kia Sedona. 

The Mother of Five went out to the lot and was met with a young girl (newer driver) – who had completely broken down and was distraught over the whole ordeal.  She was frightened, embarrassed, and worried how (both) the owner of the car she hit, and how her parents would react. 

The Mother of Five went on to tell me the story of how she gave this young gal a hug.  She reminded her that the important thing was that no one was hurt, and that it was “only a car”.  She went out of her way to comfort this young lady, tried to calm her down, and generally “de-escalated” the whole situation. 

When the police arrived, the young lady said “Thank goodness it’s you”.  Apparently, she knew this officer, and that helped her calm down and relax a little too.  The police officer helped the Mother of Five and this young lady exchange information and went on his way.

After the commotion was all over with, one of the other moms (who I can only assume knew this young lady) pulled my wife aside and thanked her for being so kind, understanding, thoughtful, and compassionate.

While it’s true that I am not happy about the van being hit, I am (first and foremost) thankful that this young lady was not hurt.  The damage is limited (only the rear bumper and tailgate were damaged) and can be repaired. 

VanI am also thankful for my wife.  I am thankful that she (not only) remained calm, but was able to comfort this young lady, and help her settle down and relax a little bit.  This young lady is someone’s daughter.  I am a father.  I am not naive enough to think that my children will not be involved in some sort of automobile accident at some point.  The Mother of Five treated this young lady the same way I would want someone to treat my children if they were in this young lady’s shoes.

The Mother of Five’s reaction is just one more of the “umpteen gillion-mazillion” reasons while I love my wife so very much!


  1. Kudos to Mother of Five for not being one of "those" people that we have to deal with at accident scenes and for taking the time to comfort the poor girl who hit her vehicle.

    Reminds me of a recent accident that my car was involved in at a local restaurant parking lot where all of us involved ending up hugging all the way around at the end knowing that there's a reason they're called 'accidents'.

    Too bad more people can't be like your wife!

  2. Mother of Five is truly just what that situation needed. Compassion, kindness and reason.
    It almost makes me want to hit your van too.
    You're very lucky FOF, but you know that of course.
    Stay safe.

  3. @Linda - I did recall your posting about your accident when this happened!

    @DadStuff - Thanks, but no thanks! (snicker)

  4. Way to go Mother Of Five!!! I can't believe howvwell she handled the situation. It's been my experience (on both ends) that these things never have "happy" endings


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