(The 1st of 2 Consecutive) Weekend Tournaments

The end of the school year is quickly approaching, and along with the wrap up of the school year comes the wrap up of the extra-circular activities.  The first one was #4 of 5’s weekend-long softball tournament. 

The tournament was held at The Ponds Athletic Complex in Prior Lake (which is quite a nice facility if I may say so).  Each day we were able to find a nice shady spot with a decent vantage point.  The weather turned out nothing short of AMAZING on all three days!

#4 of 5’s first game was held Friday night.  About half-way through the game, we got a surprise phone call from The Mother of Five’s parents (who live about four blocks from The Ponds) wanting to stop by.  After the game I took everyone out for ice cream.  It was a very nice evening. 

#4 of 5 was required to be back for pre-game practice  on Saturday morning, followed by a morning game (that The Mother of Five attended while I stayed home), then the Mother of Five had to go to work, so I went up to watch the afternoon game.

Sunday was more of the same.  The Mother of Five had to work, but since the boys had been so patient over the past two days – we let them stay home and have a Xbox day.  The Mother of Five, #5 of 5, and I went to the morning game – knowing that she would have to leave for work, leaving #5 of 5 and I to watch the afternoon game on our own.  Sunday was (by far) the best day.  I enjoyed the time I had with The Mother of Five (and only #5 of 5), followed by some solo time with #5 of 5 (even though I dozed off between games)

Here are some photo highlights!

#3 of 5 at bat 

 #4 of 5 up to bat.





 Rounding third    Sliding into home

It was not until AFTER the girl ran across home plate in the left photo that I realized I had been videoing and photographing the WRONG GIRL run the bases!

Thankfully, I caught on just in time to catch the CORRECT GIRL (my own daughter) slide into home plate (right photo).

After we got home and I told her of my mishap while looking over the photos, we realized that at least one of the photos (of the WRONG GIRL) actually turned out pretty cool, because in the background, the CORRECT GIRL is rounding third!  (Left photo)



BUNT!Concentrating on the game


A quick bunt gets #3 of 5 on base.





Fast Pitch Bestie


Action shot, of one of #4 of 5’s “besties” (pitching) with #4 of 5 playing second base behind her.








Then came the highlight play of the weekend (at least for #4 of 5).

Double Play (1 of 2)

Double play (2 of 2)

She caught a pop fly and threw to the short stop (covering 2nd base) for a DOUBLE PLAY!! HUGE SMILE on her way back to the dugout after completing that play!!


In the end, after playing five games, #4 of 5’s team came in third place in their division – and although it was a LONG weekend, it was a FUN weekend! 

This next weekend will be just as busy – and involves another Tournament!! 

Stay tuned!


  1. Whose kids are these? So athletic and into SPORTS? I love this post. Softball ROCKS! GO #3 of 5!

  2. Those are great pictures. I thought we were done with baseball this season, but my girl is in the T-Ball finals or something.

    Congrats on the double play.. Those are AWESOME!!


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