Keeping With the Christmas Theme

IMG_0119#4 of 5 came home with an assignment.  It was intended to be “open ended”.  Bring in a “Nativity Scene” that you have created.  It can be drawn, molded, carved, or painted.

Being our creative, artistic, and craft driven child (which she does NOT get from me), we gave her full license.  We only asked her to tell us what she needed, and then (my plan was) to let her run with it.

She asked for the just the manger from one of our “store bought” Nativity Scenes.  She then asked to be taken to the craft store and pick up some Crayola Model Magic.  (Very interesting stuff.. Lightweight, non sticky, non crumbling, dries firm, but still slightly soft…)

She spent the next three days modeling her Model Magic. 

IMG_0126At first, she came down and showed off her every accomplishment… (Daddy, here is Mary’s body.  Daddy, here is Mary’s Arm.  Daddy, here is Mary’s other arm – and so on….)   Then it tailed off to showing me only complete figures…

Then, when the figures were complete (and she was not yet satisfied) she asked to be taken back to the craft store for some felt and fabric paint and glitter glue (for hair, crowns, capes, etc…

She has finally completed the project…  I was impressed with what she came up with (all on her own)…

It’s a dad’s job to be proud of his children and want to show off the things they do well.  This is me doing just that!

IMG_0123 IMG_0124


  1. She's a genius! it's beautiful and simple.


  2. Very nice.

    I'm going to make a popsicle manger with my daughter this weekend. Never done it before..

    Only in my head...

    Not sure how we're going to make the people and animals. Maybe we'll find some at a dollar store or something..

  3. It is so cute! She did a wonderful job!

  4. That's a fantastic Nativity. I love the fact that she gave minimal detail and yet conveyed exactly what each figure is supposed to be. Good job, #4 of 5!

    Love the sheep!

  5. It is awesome! So little detail, yet everything is there perfectly. I love it!

  6. Now that I'm older and wiser, and a father, I can appreciate the time, effort and thought that went into this project that both portrays the spirit of the holidays and her own religious convictions.

    But, if I were her age, and in her class, I'd probably accuse her of sucking up!

  7. Impressive! She may have to open her own shop and sell manger scenes.

  8. It is lovely! Delightful!

  9. That's amazing and beautiful! She did a great job and I hope you keep this nativity scene forever.


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