The Story of Snoopy

This story / tradition goes back ten... maybe twelve years now (to be honest, I have lost track).  The opening scene is in a recently opened Kohl's Department Store.  While out Christmas shopping together, the Mother of Five, and the "Mother of the Father of five" noticed a drawing being held...  First prize was a vacation trip.  Second prize was a set of four Minnesota Vikings tickets.  The Mother of Five put her name in the drawing, (truthfully) hoping to win the Vikings tickets. 

Fast forward about a week or so... 

I answer the ringing telephone, and am asked if this is the residence of the "Mother of Five" (only she was "mother of three" at that time).  I answer yes.  The caller asked to speak to the "Mother of Five".  I tell the caller that she is not home.  The caller asks if I am her husband.  I answer yes, I am.  The caller asks me to have the Mother of Five come into the new Kohls store and claim her prize.

Prize??  WOO HOO!!!  Pack our bags, we are going on VACATION! (Or at the very least, we are going to a Vikes game!!)

I thanked the caller, and advised her that the Mother of five will be stopping in.

When she returned home, I told the Mother of Five that we had won the contest, and that Kohls would like to see her ASAP.  The Mother of Five headed off to Kohls to lay claim our bounty!

After claiming our prize and driving back home again, I watched the Mother of Five get out of, and walk around to the back of the car.  She opened the trunk, and hauled out the LARGEST stuffed Snoopy (wearing a Christmas collar) that I have EVER seen! 

2008aThe Mother of five brought the monster sized stuffed Snoopy in, and told me that we did not win the Vacation Package, that we did not win the Vikings tickets, but we did win the "consolation prize" - The huge stuffed Snoopy that was used as the store display for holding the box that contestants stuffed their entry forms into.  I am sure it was mentioned somewhere on the back of the entry form (in tiny print) that the Snoopy would also be given away to some "lucky shopper".

I know what you are thinking at this point, so let me clear this up.  This Snoopy was NOT what I would categorize as one of those giant "carnival quality" stuffed animal...

No, this Snoopy is what I would consider a pretty impressive "commercial quality" stuffed animal.

Snoopy was an immediate hit with the boys.  Because they were so small (and it was so big) they could climb all over him, and actually sit on (and snuggle up in) Snoopy's lap.  What were we going to do with this thing? we asked ourselves.  We discussed our options, and decided to keep him through Christmas, and follow up after Christmas by donating him to a organization that could use a monster sized stuffed Snoopy.  When Christmas had come and gone (and we started packing up the Christmas decorations) the boys asked us if we could hang on to Snoopy for one more Christmas (which we did).  "One more Christmas" turned into a third Christmas, then a fourth Christmas... Somewhere along the line the girls (child #4 and #5) came along and Snoopy's presence became an integral part of Christmas in the FOF household.

IMG_0001a 2006c 2006a

 IMG_0002a  2006b

2008b 2006d

IMG_0132 IMG_0134

This year, my in-laws went out of state to visit the Mother of Five's Brother and his wife (henceforth to be known as BIL#2 and SIL#2) and their two sons (henceforth to be known as Cousin-M (age 4) and Cousin-C(less than a year old)).  Since Cousin-M is such a huge Snoopy fan, the Mother of Five brought our Snoopy to her parents house.  She asked her parents about the possibility of bringing our Christmas Snoopy with them to "visit" Cousin-M and Cousin-C during their visit. 

Grandma and Grandpa did indeed bring Snoopy with them, but warned Cousin-M ahead of time that Snoopy wanted to come for a visit, but really wanted to be able to come back home to our house.  Cousin-M understood, and welcomed Snoopy into his home.

DSC01221DSC01231 DSC01225 

Snoopy was as immediate a hit with Cousin-M as he was at our house!  They spent the week together.  They played in a playpen, read stories, played toys and games together...   Cousin-M even introduced his (regular sized) Snoopy to it's "Daddy Snoopy".  They made memories of their own!

When it came time for Grandma, Grandpa, and Snoopy to return - Cousin-M made sure Snoopy's son (his Snoopy) got an opportunity to say goodbye, and (through BIL#2 and SIL#2) sent a note along with Snoopy - thanking us for letting him visit, and asking about the possibly of Snoopy's return to their house next year!!

DSC01216 DSC01224


Dear #4 of 5, #5 of 5, #2 of 5, #3 of 5 and #1 of 5

Thank you for letting Snoopy come to my house.  I hope he can come back another day.

Love Cousin-M
(and it was signed with a big letter “M”, written all by himself!)

- - - -

Daddy -
Will you come back to see me again?

Love Snoopy your son.


(copy of the actual note that came home with Snoopy)

I foresee many years of Snoopy in our Christmases.  Between our children, our nephews, and (potentially) future grandchildren - Snoopy will not be going anywhere...  He will have a guaranteed spot in our living room or family room for MANY YEARS to come!

It's truly amazing how something (like Snoopy) can be transformed from an almost "let down" (thinking we won a much bigger and more valuable prize) - and something we had to try to figure a way to "get rid of", into something that has become a beloved part of our Christmas, and one of our biggest family traditions!

A tradition with more (sentimental) value than we could have predicted, and more value than either (or both) the Vacation prize package or the Vikings Ticket Package could have ever equaled...


  1. Love the Snoopy and love the wisdom learned. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing some of the magic.

  2. Your welcome Barbara! I hope you enjoyed the story!

  3. It looks like Snoopy is much loved and has brought much joy and memories to your home. Better than a football game, I'm sure.

  4. That's a pretty cool story.

    I'm surprised that he stayed as white as he did..

    If he were in my house.. He'd have all colors of fruit juice on him..

    Technicolor Snoopy.

    Have a merry christmas, my friend..

  5. Thank you Eric!! Same to you and yours!!

  6. Weaslemamma.. Yes... Snoopy has become so much a better prize than a football game ever was!

  7. Dave, this might be my favorite post ever! LOVE THIS!


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