Cheaters Never Win (or so I keep trying to tell myself)

So, tell me what I should think about this…

Today #5 of 5 (five year old daughter) has a pretty icky sounding cough, and the sniffles (I presume they are related), so the Mother of Five and I decided that she was going to stay home with me today.

#5 of 5 was pretty excited about the prospect, and woke this morning eager to start her day home with daddy.  First up on the agenda… A game of Sorry! – the only problem?  She was JUST out of bed, the other kids were still getting ready, and I was ordering a Christmas present on line (and needed to complete the transaction). 

We told her to take the game upstairs, and we would set it up on the kitchen table as soon as everyone was finished with breakfast, and the table was cleaned up.

After finishing my Christmas shopping, I headed upstairs and found #5 of 5 eating her breakfast on the table.  I started to clean the table off when I noticed the Sorry! cards on the table.  I reached for them (in order to move then so I could clear off the table) when out of nowhere a little voice told me not to move the cards. 

Hmm… Odd…  I said “Ok, I know you want to play, but let me move them so I can clean off the table.”  #5 of 5 agreed to that as long as I (in her words) “not mix up the cards”…  (even more Hmm… Odd…. )

I did not…  She watched me move them to our pass through, and set them down without disturbing any of the cards… 

And this is where the story starts taking it’s turn down the “’dark side”…

As I continued to clean the kitchen, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a little pink pajama’ed girl sneak over to the deck of cards and take a peek at the top card…  (Presumably) satisfied, she snuck back to the table to finish her breakfast.

Now, I am not going to check that deck before we play, but I have a sneaking suspicion that #5 of 5 is going to want to go “first”, and the first card she is going to draw is going to be a “2”…  (Start a man out or move one man two spaces, then DRAW AGAIN).


UPDATE:  #5 of 5 did indeed ask to “start”.  The first TWO cards of the deck were a “1” (take one man out of start)… When I said “Wow, that’s funny!  Two number ones in a row”, #5 of 5 said, “No it’s not Daddy… I put them there for us”.

At least she cheated for BOTH of us – which is not quite as nefarious as I originally presumed…. 

In the end, despite my having all four men out with her having none (after I sent her first (cheated) man back home with a Sorry! card) – she still came back to beat me!!


  1. That's a cute story. My daughter does stuff like that with Candy Land. We've called her on it, but she's gotten better about not having all the landmark cards.

  2. A legit game-whoopin'? Sweet! And you're right, at least her sense of unfairness

  3. That is too cute. I love this and the pic is awesome with that innocent, yet full of trouble smile.

  4. She just wanted to be on your 'team'. Or maybe she just wanted to get the game going early so she could send your playing piece home quicker.
    Either way, the picture is very cute.

  5. You are in real trouble when she learns to stack an Uno deck.

  6. Lol, That is too funny. I love that game, it's been years though since I played.

  7. Awesome! I love your pink little card cheater.

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  9. HA! My little Princess has been known to try to cheat on occasion, and it's actually pretty funny! She's finally realized that if she's going to cheat, she better make my cards look ALMOST as good as hers so I don't catch on.

  10. Awwww. Bless. What a cutie.

  11. Very cute. Great site. Sometimes I catch my girls trying to "get around the rules" when I realize that they are really just reasoning the best solution to a problem. I explain to them why cheating is wrong but I also express pride that they are so clever and are doing real problem solving.

  12. Lovwe the Daddy-Daughter togetherness!

    dadsinthemix - I like the way you think.

  13. That's adorable, at least she did cheat for both of you. :) my daughter would never be so benevolent when she breaks the rules.

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