Back to School (and not like you think).

I have previously mentioned that there are some upcoming good things happening in the life of #1 of 5 (besides my cleaning his dishes) - and (like any good story teller, or mediocre blogger would do) I asked you to stay tuned for further info.

The time has come for me to share the "further info" 

After a two year hiatus (filled with shenanigans, tomfoolery, and hyjinx of all sorts) #1 of 5 has (hopefully) seen the light, and come to the realization that post secondary education IS INDEED a good thing.  As of 8am this morning, he is (supposed to have) STARTED SCHOOL AGAIN!!!

I say "supposed to have" because - I have not heard any confirmation that he has actually went, nor have I heard any evidence to the contrary.  I'm sticking with the whole "no news is good news" theory on this one.. 

Since sometime in his junior / senior year, he has expressed a strong interest in the Culinary Arts.  He finished all the necessary / required classes early, and his whole final quarter was filled with elective classes.  The one he enjoyed the most, was his Culinary Arts class - and for those of you who have not been around for the two (+) years since I wrote about it - check THIS LINK out!

#1 of 5 has been talking about going to school for Culinary Arts for quite some time, but until recently, it has been nothing more than "lip service". 

We did know he went to the school and got some paperwork to fill out - but much like the paperwork he has for many other items...  I figured it would lay around a desk, counter, or table until it was spilled on, and then forgotten and thrown away...

But, I was surprised...  PLEASENTLY SURPRISED, BOARDERING ON SHOCKED when he stopped out to see us last week (he is still "communicationally challenged (i.e.  no telephone)) and told us that he starts school on Monday.

Monday?!  As in four days from now Monday??  As in August 24th Monday??  As in 2009??

Folks, you would not have been able to imagine my surprise (and pride) to hear this.  He did everything independently!!  All on his own.  He registered, was accepted, took placement tests, applied for financial aid, received financial aid, signed up for classes, and was going to start school in FOUR DAYS - and we did not even know about it!!!

Note to #1 of 5... Um, we need to talk man.  We need to talk a bit about keeping your parents "in the loop" with what is going on - especially the good stuff - a bit more often... But, since this is such surprisingly good news - I'll let it slide this time...

Congratulations there big guy!!  We could not be prouder!!

Readers... Keep an eye out for an up and coming star in the world of culinary arts!  Who knows, maybe a show on food network, or his own restaurant...    Heck, if he keeps the kitchen cleaner than he does at home I may have to patronize the place!!  Mmmm... Maybe even some prizes or awards for my readers here on FOF!!

"Free dinner for two at Chez #1 of 5's" for the best idea for a new menu item left for me as a comment - or something like that!

Imagine the possibilities!!

Details FOF... Gimme some Details!

Ok... Details.. 

Here is a link to Hennepin Technical College (the school he is attending).. 

Here is a link to the Culinary Arts Program.  It goes into much more detail about what he will be doing / studying / learning / etc...  (Oh, and by the way... He is setting his goal on the A.A.S degree and not just the certificate!)

And, finally  - a "gratuitous" link back to HIS GRADUATION back in 2007 -  to help provide a little "inspiration" to see this through to the end (and maybe embarrass him just a wee bit).

Seriously though... We could not be happier or prouder of you!  Keep up the forward momentum!!  You have it within you!!


While writing this post, #1 of 5's facebook was updated!  It stated.... "feels good to be done with the first day of college classes time to relax now"

WOO-HOO!!!  HE MADE IT!!!!! 


  1. The best part is that you didn't have to ride his butt to do this. He did it himself! I can hear the pride in your fingers!

  2. Very Cool, bro. So good to hear how Ben is grabbing hold!!! We are so proud of him

  3. That's fantastic! Congratulations! Your pride and Joy come beaming through this post. I can't wait for you to post some of his best recipes.


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