A Little Treat

During a particularly long work weekend, I did something that I do not often do... 
I "treated" myself to dinner while at work.
I was working back to back 7am - 7pm shifts (which means that breakfast, lunch and dinner are at work).  Only being allowed one meal break (on a day where I am really eating three meals at work) - I broke down, and last night took my break to go pick up some "take out".
If (and when) I do this (which is pretty infrequently) - it usually involves a quick drive to a "national chain" that offers a drive-though, and something both quick and cheap off a menu often affectionately referred to as the "dollar menu", "value menu", or "super-saver menu"...  These meals are often followed up with a "super-sized" serving of regret, and feeling similar to having a "biggie-sized" rock sitting in my gut. 
Not last night though.  No, I stepped out of the norm a bit, and tried a place I've been meaning to try for quite some time.  A place that I would not normally rush off to.. The FALAFEL KING.
What is a falafel you ask?  A falafel is a fried ball (or sometimes a patty) made from spiced chickpeas and/or fava beans.
And no Agent Starling... I did not add any liver from a census taker, nor were they eaten with a nice chianti... But thanks for asking though... 
Those of you who know me well enough will attest, a vegetarian I am not... So to satisfy the carnivore within me - I went with the Gyro / Falafel Combo.  This way - I got to try the falafel (which I have never had before) with one of my regular favorites... The Gyro!    
In addition to the falafel, and the loose fillings for the Gyro - the combo came with two freshly made (and still warm) pitas (to make the gyros with), a generous portion of hummus, and both tahini and tzatziki sauces.
Both the tahini and tzatziki were WONDERFUL, and the hummus was good too - but I am not overly fond of hummus... A little goes a long way for me.  I put a little bit on - but it was the tahini and tzatziki that really stole the sauce show!
Afterwards, I discovered THIS REVIEW of Falafel King.  I found it to be pretty accurate to my experience.
As delicious as it was, on Monday it's back to "PB & J" for me though... Oh well.. Such is The Life of a Father of Five!!


  1. Glad you took the time to treat yourself. I love a good gyro, sans the sauce. Falafel and humus you can keep.

  2. Mediterranean Cruise! Comes highly recommended from my wife and her friends.
    from their website:

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