Posted as a follow up to the previous post titled "Beginning with the Ending"

It was brought to my attention that this post could have been viewed as mean, nasty, embarrassing, and not funny. Just to clear things up here...

For those of you who did not catch it through the writing style... That post was written with exaggerated satire.

Two days after I wrote that post we stopped over to "surprise" #1 of 5 with a "housewarming care package".

We brought him four bags of groceries, kitchen staples, and some fun treats to stock up his kitchen with and his grandparents stopped by with a new "Bed in a Bag" (comforter, sheets, and a pillow cover)... and as you can see by the photos and the video - the place was very clean...

Even cleaner than I left it two days prior.

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08-02-09_1922 08-02-09_1921

So, in case there is any question in anyone's mind about how proud I am of #1 of 5 and the accomplishments he has made through the difficulties life has thrown him - LET ME BE PERFECTLY CLEAR...

I have stood up with and by this young man through some very difficult times and some very difficult struggles... Things that have broken more families than have stayed together... Things that I REFUSED to allow to destroy MY family.


There are some impending wonderful things on the horizon for #1 of 5... Many of these things will end up as future posts (when they become reality) - and who knows?? Some may be written with humor or satire...

Regarding the evening I wrote about in "Beginning with the Ending"...

#2 of 5 and I stopped by #1 of 5's new place one evening as we drove past it. We arrived to find the place a little messy. No messier than my (or most folks houses) get from time to time. While I enjoyed watching my boys played video games (and enjoying each other's company) together and I puttered around the apartment - cleaning and straightening. The three of us were all chuckling as I made wisecracks about the things I was straightening. ALL... THREE... OF... US...

The kitchen did contain a couple of days dishes in the sink (and they were gross), but it was no worse than my own sink has gotten from time to time (and I even have a dishwasher).

How I'd love to have had as cool a place as he does at his age! (That is why I keep stopping by and hanging out with him.) I did not move out on my own until I was 23 years old. He is doing a wonderful job establishing himself as an independent individual - and I am very proud of him (regardless of what the post in question may or may not have you believing).

That post was written as an extension of the fun banter that my two oldest boys and I shared the evening before. We had fun joking about it together. I had fun writing it. I hoped that folks had fun reading it.

In NO WAY should anyone take what they read in that post as complete reality.

That's how I view life, and (like the title of the blog states) "The Life of a Father of Five" (as viewed through MY eyes.)

I'll leave you with this final thought about that post, and my sometimes exaggerated, sarcastic, satirical way of viewing life.... (and I am disabling comments for this post).

Just as how "one person's trash is another person's treasure" - one person's version of fun and humor may not always be another's.

And I am thankful for that...

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