One of Life's Simple Pleasures #3

Simple Pleasures:

A series of posts where I share some of the little things that make a HUGE (positive) difference in the Life of a Father of Five!

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Today's Simple Pleasure is brought to you courtesy of #5 of 5, our five year old daughter, and our youngest...

As I laid in bed this morning (between the snooze bar activations) around 5:30am - I noticed that #5 of 5 had crawled into bed between the Mother of Five and I some time during the night.
I discovered this because I could hear her GIGGLING...
I mean out loud GIGGLING. I turned to ask her what was so funny, when I noticed she was still sound asleep... Eyes closed, heavy breathing, sound asleep... How cute was that?

I sure wish I knew what she was dreaming about... I could use some of that!


  1. I wish my daughter had that too. She's three and sometimes finds her way to our bed. But instead of giggling. She screams and kicks me in the throat..

  2. That is an awesome pleasure! I often have those moments when I an dying to find out what is going on their heads.

  3. I love it when they do that. That and pet my face while they are sleepining. So sweet.
    What a wonderful way to start the day.
    Also? I'm jealous that you get to sleep at night, even if you do have your alarm set for 5:30 am.

  4. awww... that's soooo cute! made me smile...



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