My dear friends, I am going to take a short break from my normally jovial nonsensical self. Please permit me to take a moment to get serious - and share a moving and important message with you.

This is a message from another father (a mentor of mine if you will), that I wish to help. It is long. PLEASE take the time to read through to the end, and absorb the message.

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Click2Live is a promotional campaign dedicated to the undeniable fact that seat belts save lives, and that use of seatbelts can and do prevent tragedies from happening. Tragedies that happen all to often.

BVIt was the morning of January 15, 2006.

16 year old Brianna Vitek was driving to work when she did something most people have done at one or more point in their lives. She took off her seat belt and reached across the seat for something in her car.

That was when Brianna lost control of the vehicle and was involved in a single-car accident that ejected her from the vehicle.

As a result of the accident, Brianna was welcomed back into the loving arms of our Lord in Heaven.

Since the accident, Brianna's father has been an outspoken advocate for the use of seat-belts. He has started a campaign to prevent other families from having to suffer the same unthinkable tragedy that his family has had to endure. It was his desire turn the untimely death of his daughter into something that will make a difference in other's lives.

He was inspired to begin the Click2Live campaign.

I truly believe (through the Vitek's loss as a specific example and through my experience as a 911 dispatcher for more general examples (plural)) that this is a worthwhile cause. Far too many young people (and not-so-young-people) face untimely (and unnecessary) tragedies. Tragedies that can easily be prevented - by simply "Clicking 2 Live"

Parents speak - Mock crash enacted in attempt to warn teens of driving dangers is a link to an article of the same name where Click2Live was involved.

click2liveI am asking all who read this, to help spread the word. To help do your part in preventing another family from having to navigate the long and difficult road the Vitek's have had to.

Who knows, the tragedy you may help prevent may be your own.

Most of my readers are parents. Parents of older (driving) children like the Vitek's, and parents of younger children - infants, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary age, and junior high school aged children - Children who will one day grow to be bright, intelligent, and delightful 16-year olds - much like Brianna. Children who could make the same mistake that Brianna did.

Can YOU imagine loosing your daughter, or your son to an accident that could be survivable had they simply "Clicked 2 Live"?

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Now, a little bit of a personal story that relates to the Click2Live campaign...

Back when the Father of Five that you have come to know and love was nothing more than a snot nosed freshman in high school, and bordering on turning to the "dark side" - he heard about a camping trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness sponsored by the Church's Youth Ministry Program.

After expressing an interest in attending this trip with a classmate (who I grew up with - and had older brothers involved in the Youth Group), this friend suggested I come to "Youth Group" to get to know some of the other kids going on the trip.

After that first meeting, I was quickly accepted into the group of teens. and made many friends. I also established a solid friendship with the Youth Minister. This Youth Minister had a way of connecting with the kids in a wonderful way. I am not sure I can put a finger on it - but if I had to explain it - I would say that he had a way of operating both within the group of youth in the program, and as a leader to the youth of the program. He was someone I could turn to as a friend and yet, look up to as a mentor at the same time.

jvdmOver my four (high school) years of involvement in the NYG (our acronym for Nativity Youth Group) my connection with both my friends, and with the Youth Minister strengthened. Many of the friends I made those four years, are friends I still have today. Truly lifelong friendships.

Sadly, the final year of my involvement with NYG was also his final year. It was time that he was moving on, and moving up. By this time, my life was on track, and well on it's way to becoming the man I am today (due in part to his inspiration and motivation). After High School - I moved up and on to college - and lost contact with my former Youth Minister.

Several years ago, his name came up in the local news. His family suffered an unthinkable tragedy. He and his family have been in my thoughts and prayers many times through the years. Through his faith in God, and fortitude as a man, and a father - he has made something good come from of one of the worst things a parent can imagine.

It is on behalf of all that he has done for me over the years, and respect I have for him as a man, as a father, as a friend,and respect for his faith in God that this post is dedicated to him. To his family.

To the loving memory of his daughter - Brianna.

But what can I do FOF?  What can I do to help spread the word?

What you can do, what I am asking, URGING, and PLEADING my readers to do is to please take a minute to join the Click2Live campaign. Help spread the word that tragedies like that of Brianna Vitek can be avoided. 

Click2Live is a facebook page. It can be found by clicking on any of the many CLICK2LIVE links on this post. If you are a facebook user, please help spread the word by becoming a fan of the Click2Live campaign.

By joining Click2Live, you can request a sheet of 25 Click2Live window clings.  1 inch square reminders that cling to the inside of the corners of your windshield - to remind you, to remind your passengers, the importance of Click2Live.

A Click2Live hyperlinked button will be added as a permanent addition to the sidebar here on "The Life of a Father of Five". If you are so inclined, I would be forever grateful to anyone willing to add a button, a link, or post linking to this post, or to the Click2Live facebook page on their blog to help spread the word, and to do your part in helping to prevent even one such tragedy.

If you choose to help by adding a button, link, or post - please, leave me a comment, and I will edit this post to include a link back to your blog - as being one of the many people interested in being part of the solution.

Remember folks. It's simple. Click 2 Live. It's that easy. It's that important.

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  2. Deeply touching.
    Again, you are helping save lives.


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