Milestones (Three Years)

threeI thought it was in May sometime.  So I checked.  I was wrong.
It was actually April 2nd.  The day after April Fools Day. 
What on earth are you talking about FOF?
I am talking about the third anniversary of "The Life of a Father of Five".  It was three years ago on April 2nd that this blog came to life, and what a strange journey it's been...
It started off with a purpose...
Tales from the life of a chronically tired Father of five who lives in a high stress household, works in a high stress environment (as a 911, Police and Fire dispatcher), and copes with daily struggles of guilty feelings for not having the time he would like to spend with his family
I am keeping this blog as a collection of thoughts for my children (but others are welcome to enjoy too).... Someday I hope they have they chance to read this. My work and our hectic family lifestyle keeps me very busy. I hate to admit this but sometimes so busy that I don't spend as much time with my kids and family as I want to, or as I should.... Although I am not always with them - they are ALWAYS with me....
"The Life of a Father of Five" quickly grew into a little bit more. 
Right off the bat, I took a vacation from work to start building a deck.  Each day I documented the progress of my deck building on the blog, and a co-worker told me how much he enjoyed it.  He said he could not get enough.  Then, it spread around to a couple of other co-workers... 
From there, "The Life of a Father of Five" started branching out all over the place.  Not only here in Minnesota - All over the Twin Cities, Virginia, Rochester, and St. Cloud too.  Then across the nation!  Idaho, Texas, Georgia, Connecticut, California, Illinois, and Utah are among some of the locations I see almost every day in my stats.
Speaking of stats...  Yesterday I reached the 18,000'th  hit since I started keeping track (April 18th 2006).  This page has been viewed eighteen thousand times in just over three years!!  That is a staggering figure to me.
While researching some of the data needed two write this post, I discovered something odd.  I posted about my second anniversary on May 18th.
What's so odd about that?
Well, yesterday was May 18th...  And it was last night as I was falling asleep that it dawned on my that my "blogiversary" may be coming up quick, and that I should check into it in the morning.
(Cue the creepy Twilight Zone Music)
Exactly one year from the date that I remember that fact last year... 
Inaugural Post
One Year Anniversary
Two Year Anniversary
I enter my third year of blogging with the same joy and enthusiasm that I had started out with.  I do keep downloaded archives of the blog "just in case" - and so that even if Blogger isn't around anymore, when my children are old enough - they can enjoy who their father was...
To all of you - Thank You. 
I have had the opportunity to keep in touch with my friends, reconnect with some old friends, and make some really fantastic new friends too!  I hope that you have enjoyed the ride thus far.  As I move into my third year, and towards my fourth anniversary it is my hope that "The Life of a Father of Five" continues to entertain you, and helps foster both new and old friends alike. 


  1. Happy Belated Third Year of Blogging!!

  2. Happy Blogaversary! I believe, technically, my blog will be celebrating it's 6th anniversary this year...but considering it only had 14 posts in the first 3 years, I usually don't count them ;-)

  3. Just went and checked. (Probably should have done that before the last comment) Looks like I really started blogging in earnest on the geek blog May 4th of 2007...go figure :)

  4. Congrats on the stats!

    Glad you've stuck around for those of us who think we have it rough!

    You're an inspiration (though I'm sure you'd deny it).

  5. Congrats! I have only found you in the past year, but am glad that I did. It's nice to have someone else with a big family and all of it's daily life to relate to. I'm hoping for many more years of Father of Five.

  6. Congrats Buddy!

    I also have to say Thank You! If it wasn't for you building your deck and documenting it, I would have never started my blog!


  7. Dave,
    What's with the Alaskan serial rapist banner photo? Listen to your mother, and put that "handsome" photo of you on there.

  8. Happy 3rd Anniversary! You've done a great job with it and I hope you are considering getting it published in paper. I love reading this, so keep going.


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