It Does Not Take Much...


For those of you who do not know, I am a HUGE fan (both mentally and physically) of XM Radio's Ron & Fez Show! (And for those of you who do know, go ahead and roll your eyes, and sigh "Not another Ron & Fez post"...

I just discovered that the Ron & Fez Show's time slot was changed.

Instead of the "Ron & Fez - Noon to Three" that we have all come to love hearing, they will now be boasting "Ron & Fez - Eleven to Three" (eastern). What does that mean??

Ron and Fez will be live on air an extra hour each day starting today!!

I am not sure how they feel about it (I'll be listening to the replay later) but for "fan boys" like me - it's truly a gift!!

Thanks Ron & Fez - Thanks for providing the best 3 hours (and now 4 hours) of radio each and every day!!

An extra hour has made me a happy man!!

On a side note... Congradulatons to East Side Dave from the Ron and Fez show - on the birth of his child #2!

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