Motivation in the form of a Deadline

I am guilty.

Guilty of "the blahs"...  I've stagnated when it comes to getting things done around the house.  Ok, I'll be honest... "Stagnated" is a polite way of saying "gotten lazy".  I have let several "little" projects go unfinished (some for as long as a year or so).  Most of these are small projects that (truthfully) take longer to set up / and clean up afterwards than the actual project will take.

Come on now, admit it... You know the type of things I am talking about here... Wall dings, holes that I have spackled but never sanded, primed, or painted over, miscellaneous wood trim that needs varnishing, installing or in some cases both, worn out door knobs that need replacing, broken electrical face plates..   I can not be the only guy out there that says.. "Yeah, one of these days...."  You know who you are!

I now have what all good procrastinators need... Motivation.  Motivation in the form of a deadline!

You see, child #4 of 5 will be celebrating her First Holy Communion (linked to more info for my non-catholic readers) in less than a month, and we will undoubtedly have a number of family members (some from out of state) over to the house for the event. 

Hosting a big event, often requires one's house to look a little more "in order" than a house full of kids usually does on a every-day basis.  #4 of 5's First Communion is no exception...  Since our LAST BIG EVENT was almost two years ago, I really have not done too much as far as "major projects" around the house....

Bowing my head in shame...  I have not done too much as far as "minor projects" go either...

So, between now and the day of #4 of 5's First Communion, most of my "time off" will be spent tweaking little things around the house that have gone un-addressed in "way too long".   

I have completed about a dozen little items from the list already, and actually... I am looking forward to tackling quite a bit more. 

It's the "motivation" that is the key!


  1. Have fun and I hope it all looks spectacular when finished. Congrats to #4 of 5.

  2. Congratulations to #4 of 5. I know what you mean about sprucing up the house for big events. Usually we just don't have any. When someone stops by, all those little undone projects suddenly jump out at me and I die a little death. And then the work that it takes to fool people into thinking that all the members of our household are pristinely tidy is so enormous, I end up dreading big events. Good luck. And I bet no one will even notice or care, even if you didn't get everything done, because they're your friends. (And I say that as much to myself as to you.)

  3. Let me know when to come over. My dad's got an awesome set of tools.

  4. Everyone deserves a little stagnation every now and again...

  5. Congratulations!

    (Thanks for the link.)

    Eva Aurora is right that family and friends are coming to see people not to inspect your house, but best wishes on getting thinigs done. You will feel good about what you do for your home. Having some of your friends like Dad Stuff come help sounds like a great guy party!

    Isn't it breathtaking how quickly our children grow up?! Enjoy!


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