New Dishwasher - Pictorial




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  1. Nice. We did that last year and after 2 days of no water and over 8 hours of crawling in and out of a 2 foot sandy crawl space under our mobile home I gave up and called a real plumber.

    Your photos make it look so easy!

  2. may you have many happy years of clean dishes.

  3. I am smiling because this pictorial reminded me my 11-year-old dishwasher has been on the fritz for two weeks. Parts have been ordered and the repairman will be here later today. You're brave doing it yourself.

  4. Dave,
    Now roll up your sleeves and bring your plumbing kit over to my house. Oh, and if you would first stop by Home Depot or somewhere like that and pick up another dishwasher, the garage door is open. Not to worry, I WILL get rid of the box!
    Dog bisquits are above the range, just give the dog a whole one, she will leave you alone. The water shut off is waaay in back under the sink . . . can almost get it to turn, maybe whack it a couple times to get it to get that green stuff off . . . ?


  5. Ha! See what happens? The day after I comment on your blog, mid-wash, my KitchenAid-Hobart Supurba KDS-17 stopped. Full of chloronated hot water and still-dirty dishes.
    Pull off the front access panel . . looked around with the flashlight . . .hmmmmm . . .got out the circuit tester . . . NO POWER. Hmmmm . . . why?
    Fuse burned out . . hmmm . . .why?
    Vacuumed underneath, fixed a broken door spring, replaced the fuse and it worked . . . hmmmmm . . .why? It is only 30 some years old, and looking at the postings at other sites, it should go a few more (please please please)

  6. A good dishwasher, properly installed, is a thing of true beauty. May it run for years and keep your dishes highly sanitized.


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