The Countdown Begins

RC Cola Soda - Pop - Coke

Whatever you call from where you are -  is probably my biggest vice.  Soda is by far the biggest percentage of fluid that I drink.  I try to limit it... One can or bottle a day.. but in all reality it's more like two...

Unlike my wife, who drinks Pepsi Cola exclusively (and Best Bud Ed - who used to drink it exclusively), and Blogging buddy AtHomeDaddy who's affinity for Dr. Pepper is SECOND... TO... NONE... - I do not have a huge loyalty to any one specific brand or flavor.

Unlike those who can seemingly drink the same beverage - exclusively, I find myself "acclimating" to any given flavor, and it soon loses it's "pizzaz".  And so I move on.  Ideally, to best enjoy the soda I am about to drink, my last soda consumption should have been a completely different type.

What I do have a "preference" for though, is colas.  It really does not matter much.  It can be Coke, or Pepsi, I have had some "pure cane sugar" Jones Colas that I like.. heck, even a generic cola will do.  But the one that I almost always find myself saying "Mmmm... Ya know, that was really good" after that first pull from the glass, bottle, or can is R.C. Cola.

Yup!  R.C. Cola!!  It's like Coke and Pepsi's dirty little redheaded step-brother that neither want to acknowledge, and enjoy slapping around when no one is looking..  But from where I sit, R.C. Cola puts Coke and Pepsi (in all their glory) to shame.

- - - - - - -

With Lent drawing to an end, and my "soda sabbatical" almost over, the thoughts of ice cold, carbonated, and caffeinated beverages fill my mind - and a few days ago I had a hankerin' for an R.C. Cola something fierce...

While at the store on another errand, I could not resist the sirens call of the R.C. Cola at the other end of the store.  Despite having some Jones Cola, and Pepsi Cola at home, I picked up a 12-pack of R.C. Cola for Easter Morning.  It is sitting in the refrigerator just chillin' and waiting for me to crack it open in all it's chilled, caffeinated and carbonated goodness!

Two .  More.  Days.


  1. Dave,
    you need to have a cigar . . .a cigar . . . a maduro 54 ring . . .mmmmmmm . . . and some brandy. Now, what goes good with brandy? I know! Cola!
    Brandy/coke (RC) and a cigar . . mmmmmm . . . go ahead Dave . . .just one . . please?
    BTW, enjoy your day, I got forced in early. See you tomorrow!


  2. Hy how about next year I give up soda (RC included) and you give up beer! We could switch and both be happy! Don't think there's not some frosty delicious Coors Light just waiting to refresh me Sunday (morning).

  3. Try Diet Mt. Dew!!!! MMMMMMM


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I've often wondered what I'd give up if I had to for a month or two and it would have to be Sweet Tea!

    Don't drink soda's and don't really eat my yummy favorite foods, and unless I want to give up the gym, which I'm pretty sure God wouldn't want me to do anyway, I don't know what else it'd be.

    Luckily, my beliefs don't require such sacrifice! GWA HA HA HA HA!

  6. I like cola products too, but I feel guilty every time I drink one because 1 can of soda brings down your immune system for 3 days. Darn! How do you do it?


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