Yup, it's true.  #1 of 5 recently celebrated his TWENTY-FIRST birthday... 

It was not that long ago that this 21 year old man, was nothing more than a little boy, climbing through the rear window, and pretending to drive of my truck.  (These pictures remind me just how old I am....)

IMG     IMG_0001   Ben21a  Ben21b

Since I was "on-duty" the next morning, I was not willing to / able to do the "traditional" 21st birthday thing. 

I'll have to take him out for his "first beer" (ahem... ahem.... cough... cough... Rolling my eyes) some time soon.


  1. Happy Birthday #1 of 5!!!

  2. Happy B-day #1. Nice truck.

  3. Honestly, I've wanted the first couple years of my boys' lives to hurry up so I could get past the whineness and crying, but I'm really enjoying the hugs and the "I love you daddy!" that I'm getting now. I'm in NO HURRY to reach the teenage years.

    Seeing your boy turn 21 kinda makes me sad. I don't want my boys to ever reach that point with me where they're like, "My dad? Eh, he's alright..."

  4. Happy Birthday to #1! And congrats to his parents for getting him this far.

    On a side note, I wrote a post today that I really want you to read and send me feedback on. You don't have to post this comment as I am looking to advertise on your site. It's not an easy post, but I would like your thoughts.

  5. Is that the inside of the Ranger?

    I think I might need to call CPS. Keys in the ignition, manual transmission.

    Your very trusting my friend!

    Happy Birthday Ben!

  6. Bill.. Yup that was the Ranger! I used the parking brake in the truck, and it had a clutch interlock... (Could not start the truck without the clutch engaged...)

    We were safe!

  7. Hope I didnt miss it... happy birthday 1 of 5! LOL!

    Enjoy your new found liquid freedom!

  8. Now the real work begins. For him. Happy birthday, #1 of 5. I can't imagine my oldest reaching 21. NOOOOOOOOOO!


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