She went too far!

After reading my recent post titled "Unprecedented" (about buying new shoes), and an older post titled "FOF Observation #6" (also about buying new shoes), my mother has broken her silence here at FOF. 
She sent me an email that sounds like it was intended to be a comment, but as I read it, I felt she "went too far" with her words...
Here is what she had to say...  You be the judge.
New Shoes
As the mother of "The Father of Five" I can definitely validate that when he was a child it was so-o-o-o-o difficult to bring him into a store so that we could buy a new pair of shoes for him.  So, father of five as your mother I can't tell you how very proud I am of you that you not only bought one but two pairs of shoes for yourself.  This is a REAL BREAKTHROUGH!  
I am kind of guessing that "The Mother of Five" threatened to leave you if you did not get yourself some new shoes for yourself.  Thanks Mother of Five. 
Now if we can get you some new shirts for yourself.
Love and Hugs,  Your Mom 
Come on mom..  You are WAY out of bounds with that one.  NEW SHIRTS TOO?!?!?! 
I demand that you take that back!!


  1. WAY TO GO MOM!!!!!!!

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


    You are officially ganged up on!


  2. I've got a "truck shirt" out in the garage. I'll send it up and MoFoF will quit asking you to get more shirts!

  3. Dang man! Schooled by your mom at what? 38?

    Phew. Maybe you should enact some "Administrator Rights" on her!

  4. Moms are never satisfied. If you get an A they say but what about an A+ next time. Trust me, I do it myself. Just remember mother knows best! WTG Mother of the Father of Five!

  5. Shirts for yourself? That's a good one.

    If I bought my own shirts, Lady Di would walk six steps ahead of me at all times, in case someone thought she was walking with a fashion disaster.

  6. lol, thanks that makes me feel better! sigh...

  7. Moms have a duty no matter what your age, young man!


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