Happy Valentine's Day!

valentines1This post is dedicated to MY valentine.

You often read about all the escapades of our family here on FOF, and you here a lot about me, and my observations, but to be completely honest, I would not be who I am today was it not for one special woman out there. 

For there to be a "Father of Five", there needs to be a "Mother of Five", and there is.  Indeed, there is a WONDERFUL Mother of Five that I have been blessed to have in my life.  She is not only my best friend, but she also my perfect wife. 

No, she is not a perfect person, but neither am I.  What she is though is MY PERFECT WIFE.  She makes me so very happy.  She is positive when I am feeling negative, surprises me when I need a surprise, inspirational when I need inspiration, and the best mother a father could ask for to raise his children. 

I thank God often for putting us together.  

- - - - - -

Yesterday, when she was getting ready for work she told me to make sure that if we had anything for Valentines day, to get it set aside, because she was going to surprise the kids by decorating the table for our Valentines day party today.  I sort of did the whole "vaguely interested" shrugging my shoulders - and gave her the "yeah-whatever-it's-only-Valentines-Day-look that an overly practical and frugal guy like me could give her... I am sure I left her with the impression that she was going to get a "Good-morning-and-happy-Valentines-Day-Kiss" and that would be the end of it.

valentines2But no.

Last night, after she left for work, I left #1 of 5 in charge of the rest of the kids, and took off quickly to pick up some flowers and a card (something I hardly ever do, even on Valentines Day I should do more often).  I had the kids make her special Valentines Day cards, and hid the whole lot of stuff.

She came home, and (because of a thumping headache) I was already asleep...  I got out of bed to help her set up her surprise.

As you can see, she baked a cake, bought some pink bubble gum, some Valentines Day candy, and a gift for the kids.  What is in this photo that WAS NOT on the table when she went to bed was the flowers and cards for her!

Yup, I snuck up in the middle of the night, got the stuff out, and hid them on the table.... (see... It's still dark outside!)

In fact, as I am typing this I can hear that she just got out of bed, and is walking in the kitchen!!!  RIGHT NOW!!

I have to go...

I have to share with my wife just how much she means to me, and to our family.  How much I truly LOVE her!

For the rest of you?  Have a wonderful Valentines Day!


  1. That's sweet. What will mean the most is the thought and the effort and the lost sleep you put into doing it. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I have no doubt that your perfect wife was perfectly surprised and that she is quite happy with her perfect husband today!

    Have a perfectly lovely Valentine's Day!

  3. Way to go FOF!
    Now you can relax for 364 more days until next year.
    Just kidding.
    HVD to MOF.

  4. Lovely!

    The world needs more families like yours!

    Love Life Laughter Forever!

  5. I'm sure she appreciated that loads. :)

  6. That brought a tear to my eye. I'm so glad you and MOF are wonderful together, and that she is your perfect wife.

    Happy Belated Valentine's day to both of you!


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