Well, I did it! (Part 1)

This is a postscript to Dancing with one of my Demons.

- - - - - - -

Well, I did it!  I attended the aforementioned event... And did so "solo".

I think now that it's over and done, it's safe for me to publicly thank (for inviting me), and send one of my oldest and closest friends (Lisa from Many Things Do Not Fly) my very best wishes for a happy and momentous birthday, and a wonderfully prosperous year!  We have been friends for over half our lives, and she is truly a "one of a kind" woman and friend!

Wait... "One-of-a-kind" can be taken two different ways.  There is a good "one-of-a-kind", and a bad "one-of-a-kind"...  You know, the kind where you say "She is a one-of-a-kind gal" as you roll your eyes up and put a sarcastic looking face on.. 

Valid observation.  Just to clarify, my friend Lisa..  She falls squarely in the GOOD "one-of-a-kind" category!  No rolling eyes, or look of sarcasm on this face!

Lisa and her husband hosted a HUGE party for her birthday.  Food, drink, live music, and LOTS of people.  Lots of people I do not know. 

Lots of people I do not know + Father of Five = Unusually high level of stress and anxiety.

The good news is, I did not have a breakdown!  In fact, overall, I had a pretty good time!  There was plenty of opportunity for "people watching", I visited with an old high school classmate that I had not seen since graduation, and I even "stepped out of my comfort zone" just a bit and got a chance to visit with a few nice folks. 

I did blow a chance to meet someone that Lisa felt I should meet.  I think she was really excited to introduce us, but unfortunately by the time I was hitting a level of comfort, he had already left.  My apologies to both Lisa and "Ron".

On a positive note, I seemed to share quite a bit in common with one guest in particular!  Realistically, I understand that I will likely never see this person again - but it was nice to see I can actually have FUN to talk to someone with some similar interests (someone I have never met before).  How we ran into each other, and how we discovered these interests is a pretty quirky story...  

(If your interested, stay tuned for part 2.  If you are not - then skip part 2!).


  1. When I hear, "...someone you just HAVE to meet..." I start thinking "Hook Up."

    You had me panicky for a second there!

    Sounds like fun. Lemme see, I bet you had a yellow plastic cup in your hand most of the time. Am I right?
    Kinda like the high-school party beer that makes you feel comfortable? That you can always take a sip from, making it look like you're doing something cool rather than actually hiding by the drapes?

    Well, that's me anyway!!! Glad you had fun. Oh, by the way...CareerMom's brother is working on #9 now! Yes...9. We're all a little dumbstruck!

  2. I'll be hanging on for part II. Glad the night was fun.

  3. P & P...

    I have five kids... The days of me "hooking up" are all but done.. Let's be honest, I'm too tired.

    As far as the yellow plastic cup.. Nope... It was beer and a cigar in the "I know it's too cold for most folks to sit out here and visit with me" temps, and then, when I did finally muster up enough fortitude to stay inside for an extended length of time, ti was the "fidget" I brought, and kept in my pocket.

    Every time I got nervous, I fidgeted with the fidget in my pocket.

    It DID help.

    WeaselMomma... Hang in there.. Almost done!


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