March... In like a lion!

After several very nice days, where much of the ground snow had melted away, mother nature threw another winter storm at us - and on this day-before-the-first-day-of-March (which is supposed to come in like a lion and leave like a lamb, or come in like a lamb, and leave like a lion), I'd say that March entered like a lion... 

A Winter Lion (or maybe a snow leopard)... 

snow1   snow2



As you can see, we got quite the snowfall last night, and the temps... Oh yeah, they plummeted too!

We went from a high of 39 the other day, to a temp in single digits, and a brisk wind - giving a below zero wind chill this morning.

Since I was on days off today, I decided to forgo the "clean up" until AFTER the storm.

It worked out well in my favor.. the show cleaned up pretty easily!

I rewarded myself when I was finished too!






Yeah, I know it's lent, and I am supposed to avoid "treats", but after an hour in the cold, and snow from the snowblower blowing into my face, I felt Jesus would understand...

You know the old saying..  WWJD?  I'd like to think if he finished blowing the snow, he'd reward himself with a mug of hot Amaretto Coco too!


  1. Man- u do have some snow... all we have is rain, rain, rain... nasty 54 degree rain!

    Does it make you feel any better if I said we have snow predicted for Sunday? LoL

    Stay Warm man!

  2. They are predicting an duplicate storm for us in a few days - if that's the case - we are going to have a real pile of snow!

  3. Please send some my way! We're dyin' out here with these 60 degree temps and no snow! Seriously - send a BUNCH of snow out our way! I've only fired up the snowblower once this year :-(

  4. FOF, Dad Stuff likes to enjoy a cup of Hot Coco after he does our snow blowing! Lately Dad Stuff has been volunteering his time and he is not only plowing out our driveway but the neighbors also. I think he deserves second helpings of coco! So yes, go ahead and enjoy that Amaretto Coco ... throw in a few marshmallows too!
    I hope your kidding with a second snow fall coming our way.... we've got enough.
    PS: Love your coco mug - love the color.

    Dad Stuff Wife

  5. I sure hope this does count for a lion like March. I'm looking forward for more lamb like weather in a few weeks.

  6. I think you're quite right that Jesus would sit down with a steaming mug of coco and maybe even a Rice Krispee treat or two after clearing out a mess like that!

    We're supposed to be in for a Nor'easter tomorrow - which figures because I'll be at work for 16 hours and there's nothing worse than dispatching ambulances in a snowstorm for simple things like nosebleeds or "I just don't feel good". Ambulances don't have some magic shield of protection and aren't exactly the most snow-worthy vehicles on the road but whatchagonnado???

    Hope things warm up for you soon!

  7. Ahhh, hot beverages . . .
    Myself, I would prefer a nice cup of cocoa leaf tea . . .


  8. Yeah, March 1st and it snows in HOt-Lanta! Who knew?

    By the way, Jesus would have taken that tiny container of Amaretto and multiplied it for the WHOLE FAMILY!
    (or maybe he'd have changed it into hot buttered's a toss-up)

  9. P & P - I usually follow your weather... (as you know, my Sister in law lives a few miles from you)..

    I did not check yesterday or today, and she happened to call today, and told me SNOW! Snow in Atlanta!! Yikes!!

    That's almost as odd as snow in Austin, TX!

  10. Although the sight of that Amaretto cocoa kind of makes me wish it were cold enough out here in the West to enjoy it, I guess I'm perfectly fine with our burgeoning spring. I mean, the tulips and crocuses have sent up five inches of green leaves. Do I want the snow you've got? No, thank you. But thanks for living through it so I can see your pictures. :) They bring back a whole buncha memories.

  11. You know, it's ALMOST worth moving, just so I could buy a snowblower. I never get to use my Toro tiller anymore, since I live on a hill with little direct sunlight.

    My kingdom for a lawn!


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