I hope I can keep this going...

I hope I can keep this going for the next.... oh, I dunno... maybe the next TWENTY NINE YEARS!

(That way, I don't have to chase them off with GRANDPA'S SHOTGUN!)

fort1 fort2

And here it is... Straight from #5 of 5!


  1. Let me know if this work. I got two of those female type children. I'm hopping to hold the boys off for a while too.

  2. Good rule. I hope Dad gets an exception though.

  3. As she grows older, perhaps you should introduce her to those super-cool automated machine guns like they had in Aliens. She could set them up and buh-BAAM! take out the boys as they come 'round!

  4. I think the "you being too big part" might have more to do with it then your sex!


  5. Alas, those who protest most seem to like them a lot after all. Still, you have a year or two before you start target shooting at her suitors.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Oh how I dread the day that my Ellie starts dating!! Thank god for handguns :)

    Have you seen the movie Bad Boyz 2? There is the funniest scene about a daughter going on her first date in that movie!!!


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