American Girl Doll Store

Photos only...  They speak for themselves... 





A good time was had!


  1. My girls loved that place too. Although, they still think of Chicago as their "real" store.

  2. So is that store like Build-a-Bear workshop, only with American Girl dolls? Never tell my children about this or I will not hear the end of it. Thank you.

  3. No Eva, American Girl Dolls are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive, but very high quality.

    The store sells all the different dolls, but also the THOUSANDS of accessories... Clothing, Shoes, Haircare, Ear rings, glasses, books, etc.

    They have a "salon" where you can have the hair redone on the dolls... for between 5 and 20 dollars.

    #4 of 5 had "Nikki" her American Girl Doll's ears pierced (at a cost of 14 bucks)...

    Most outfits cost in the 20-30 dollar range... It's such a racket...

    We let the girls save up some Christmas money, and buy something for their dolls. They each bought one outfit, and #4 did the ear piercing thing.

    The upside of all this?? They are very pro-girl, and have some really positive messages for little girls.

    Recent movie... Kit Kitterage - She is an American Girl Doll.

    American Girl Dolls

    American Girl Doll Store - Mall of America

  4. FOF - You forgot about the thing my girls think is cool too. There are lots of different dolls, my girls dolls look a lot like my girls...and the store sells cloths for the dolls AND the girls. Yikes. You know, every time I go to one of these stores, I suggest they build a dad's lounge. Some lazy-boy chairs with credit card swipers :)

  5. Luckily, My girls never got into those. Too expensive with 4 girls.

  6. It sounds absolutely enchanting for young girls. It also sounds like a wallet emptier for their parents. Since I haven't seen any such stores here in Salt Lake, I won't mention this at all to the girls and we'll just keep reading the books!

    I'm glad your girls had such a good time, though. They're so cute with their dolls.


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