A Moving Thought....

I read something today that moved me. 

"The fruit of silence is prayer..."

Today (Sunday) was the kick off for Catholic School Week.  As part of the celebration, the kids that attend our parish school participated in the mass.  At the end of mass, the kids lead a prayer that Mother Theresa of Calcutta authored.  The line quoted above came from that prayer.

Since I was in church when I read it, I spent time praying and reflecting upon the words.  The more I reflected upon it, the more poignant it became.

Dear Lord, if the fruit of silence is prayer, please help me to find more times of silence in my life.


  1. Happy Catholic school's week!

  2. This seems to be one of the biggest things holding back my own faith. I seem to make no time to silence myself and the chaos around me.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I absolutely believe in the need to quiet all noise, both outer and inner, and give myself time to peacefully pray. Mother Teresa was a wonderful and singular human being.

    I hope you find more times of quiet, FOF.

  4. My husband after a stressy working day comes and plys with our children and then talks to me (I understood how this is important for him). Then we dialog and later each of us takes a time doing something in his own, being in silence, in orther to "digest" worries or any moment.....I'm usualy very positive as I believe on solutions and this moments helps a lot.
    Writting from Tuscay (Italy).
    A housewife and mother of two kids.


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