A Future Photographer?


 #2 and #5 of 5 just returned from a trip to Illinois with their Grandma and Grandpa.  They went to visit Uncle B____ and Aunt J______, and their cousin M_____.

While there, the kids came home with their Christmas gifts from their Aunt, Uncle and Cousin.

#4 and #5 of 5 received Disney Pix-Micro digital cameras (digital cameras for wee-ones)...

I loaded the cameras up with batteries, and set the girls off to have fun while I installed the drivers.. 

They went "snap happy".  Each taking between 40 and 55 photos.

2009-01-03-213554-17When I was done, the girls brought me their cameras - and we checked out the photos the girls took...

Most of them were.... Well... Er... Uh.... 

But, there were a couple of usable ones...  Since I TAKE most of the photos for FOF, I am seldom IN one... So - without further delay - a copy of the Father of Five - taken by #5 of 5!


Thanks Uncle B____, Aunt J______ and Cousin M____!


  1. What a nice gift. I bet they have more fun than should be legal.

  2. The nice thing about digital cameras is that if you take nothing but "bad" pictures there's no harm/no foul because you didn't spend a lot of money developing pictures of people's feet and the ceiling and such!

    Great picture of yourself; you just need a headset and console in the background for it to be complete!

  3. I set up a flicker account a long time ago just for pictures taken by The Boy. Good stuff!

    The Pics

  4. hahaha- don't u love photos by kids? They always seem to get the most - ahem interesting pictures... mostly up your nose... but yours did an okay job! :)

  5. That's a hobby that will give them much pleasure. They'll certainly get more usable pictures with practice, and then they can teach me some stuff.

  6. What a great gift!! I'm sure you'll be in many more photos now :)


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