My Cousin Paul!

Hey folks...

I wanted to share a video of my cousin Paul - from a recent outdoor adventure.

Paul lives in Maine. NORTHERN Maine.
You can throw a rock, and it will land in Canada from where they live.

Paul is the one pulling the fish in...
(After seeing this video, I am convinced I have to get up there sometime soon!)

Congrats Paul!!! Nice catch!


  1. That made me want to go ice fishing!

  2. Oh how I miss ice fishing :-(

  3. Now I remember why I used to go EVERY DAY after work (at 7 A.M).
    Of course, that was before being a father, getting a dog, a lawn, a driveway to shovel . . . sigh.

    Nothing more fun than seeing your flag up on the tip up and wondering what is at the other end.



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