Do You Ever Have One of Those Dreams?

Do you ever have one of those dreams... You know... the ones when you get to work or school and you suddenly realize that you are still in your pajamas, worse yet - in your underpants, or (as the ultimate humiliation) in the buff when you arrive?

Today, It was not just a dream...

After waking, and getting out of the shower, I proceeded to get ready for work.  While I finished my personal hygiene regime (in the bathroom), I alternately multi-tasked my morning by eating breakfast, then returning to the bathroom, making my lunch, then returning to the bathroom, and finishing some other "miscellaneous" tasks before leaving for work.

I left for work, and (about half way to work), I felt my hair bumping up against the roof of my car.  I turned the dome light on, and was shocked to realize that while alternating my morning routine, I never returned to the bathroom to do anything with my hair. 

RS3  Not only did I NOT dry my hair, but I did NOT comb, brush, spray or do ANYTHING with my hair.

I have been a big fan of "The Cure" (I still am!), and have always loved the "Robert Smith" look - but it works for him... NOT FOR ME!!

I got to work, and made a preemptive strike by making fun of myself in front of everyone in the dispatch center (a strategical move on my part) before they could make fun of me.  I proceeded to the locker room and fixed the problem.

Thankfully, the police department has a full locker room facilities, and I stocked my locker five years ago with items I thought I MAY need someday - like hairspray, hairbrush, etc...

I was able to return to work, and salvage what was left of my dignity..  With "normal" hair.


  1. Good thing it wasn't your pants that were forgotten! Good thing the locker room is there.

  2. Even after I've fixed my hair, I'll go past a mirror and realize it's standing on end, or flat on one side, puffy on the other. Curly hair has a life of its own!
    Great blog, BTW!

  3. HA HA! I haven't had that dream in years. I'm sure I will tonight!

    Tough week huh? I can't believe it's only Tuesday. But, I have my wallet back, so I'm ahead of the game!

  4. A lockerroom at work would be cool. I didn't even know I needed hair spray in my emergency kit. I'll put it next to the jumper cables.
    Or maybe I'll just find a hat.

  5. I seriously thought you were going to say you had forgotten your pants. That would have been an even greater story. Years from now, of course!

    I once left my dorm room without a key article of clothing, but no one saw me before I figured it out. It was college, so maybe no one would have noticed anyway.


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